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Lahmacun is a round shaped flatbread-style pizza with spicy lamb or beef mince which is a traditional meal enjoyed in Turkey, North Cyprus and Turkish communities around the world, served with fresh lemon and salad which is rolled up and enjoyed.

I have always been one for a bedtime routine, yes even as an adult. No matter how tired I am, some nights it can take me a little while to fall asleep. This has improved since I started regular exercise but some nights I just can't drift off to the land of nod! 

After years of trying, I have now got myself into a good bedtime routine. Here are a few of my bedtime secrets to help me relax and de-stress for a good nights sleep.

* A warm shower (maybe a bath if I have the energy after a day with the kid) 

* A good skincare routine

* A mug of Camomile tea 

* Lavender oil on a muslin cloth hung over headboard

* Sleep Eye Mask

I was recently sent a Spacemask to try and review; from what I have read about Spacemasks, this product sounds perfect for me and my bedtime routine. 

Since my second pregnancy I struggle a lot with my sinuses and periodically suffer with acute sinusitis, which is no fun anyway let alone when running around after two kids every day. I usually use a cold migraine pad (I suffer from migraines too!) to soothe my head and eye area; before trying the Spacemask I had never thought to use a heat pad on that area. One afternoon my plan of using the Spacemask at bedtime went out the window as I decided to use it for an afternoon nap (I struggle to fall asleep in the day as I can never switch off) so that's when I gave my Spacemask a try.

Spacemask is a self-heating eye mask, which is activated when removed from it's little pouch. The mask unfolds and has a little loop on each side that goes behind your ears to secure the mask over your eyes. 

Not long after wearing you can feel the heat from the mask, as oxygen molecules activate the iron particular's to create natural heat through the mask. The calming scent of Jasmine transported me back to my happy place in Cyprus, where my favourite plant in my Nene's garden would be where I would sit and make jasmine flower chains for my Dede to hang in his car, a scent that always relaxes and soothes me to this day. 

I was able to completely relax and feel the tension in my forehead and eye area completely disappear, feeling stress free and unaware that after nearly 20 minutes of laying there I relaxed into a great half an hour power nap and felt amazing when I woke up. 

I will 100% be purchasing Spacemasks to use when I'm suffering from sinus tension or struggling to switch off at bed time.. something so simple has really helped me complete my bedtime routine. 

I will be purchasing mine on my next payday direct from Spacemasks where you can get 5 in a box for £15 and I will be taking some on my next holiday for the plane journeys...bliss!

*this post contains PR samples 

Love & Light

On Sunday I organised an Afternoon Tea Hen Party for my sister at Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa in Kent. This place is a lovely hidden gem tucked away in the Kent countryside with beautiful gardens and a beautiful 19th Century Victorian Manor house, this venue is perfect for weddings, weekends away and even Spa days.

In the last instalment of posts on my holiday to Santorini, this post is all about Places to See. 

The majority of this post will be photos as words can not describe the beauty of this island and the mesmerising views it has to offer.

Continuing on from my post Santorini - Our Villa my travel diary continues onto Where to Eat

I love Greek food it is very similar to Turkish food and growing up eating a variety of Mediterranean dishes it has always been my favourite to indulge in a meaty dish with a side of salad and tzatziki/cacik with warm homemade pitta bread. I have travelled to a lot of the Greek islands and have never been disappointed with the selection of food on offer and Santorini didn't disappoint. 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my Insta-stories and posts while I was away visiting the beautiful greek island of Santorini. 

I have written up my travel diary in three parts, Our Villa, Places to Eat and Places to See. This post is all about where we stayed, our beautiful Villa in a little village called Vouvolous, just outside the main town of Fira. 

Tomorrow I am off to Santorini for my sisters 'Hen Do Holiday' so I asked on twitter what my readers wanted to see me write about in terms of holiday packing. The winner was 'What's In My Hand Luggage" so here it is, a post on what I will be taking with me on to the plane.
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