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welovelashes review

I love the look of volume and length when I am looking to choose false eye lashes and recently the lovely people at sent me 2 pairs of Ardell Professional Lashes to try, aren’t they gorgeous?! 

As much as I love make-up and creating make-up looks I don’t always wear it, if anything maybe once a week I will put make up on whether it is a natural look or a full on glam look. I spent so many years as a Makeup Artist counter girl wearing make-up everyday for years, it is nice and more exciting when I only wear it occasionally now and that is when I go all out!

When it comes to false lashes, I will only wear them on occasions. The main reason for this is that I have become quite lazy when it comes to putting them on and also the fact that I don’t have time when I am rushing out the door with 2 kids!

I decided that I wanted to try these lashes on a couple of occasions that I had planned so I could really use them on a bold and glamorous makeup look. Here is what I thought of the Ardell lashes!

Eye Lashes

False Eye Lashes

First, lets talk about the Ardell Wispies, these are absolutely gorgeous on! They are exactly the type of lashes I would always pick up for any makeup look whether it is a toned down natural look or a full on glam look.

They are easy to apply with a sticky and flexible strip, you can take them straight out of the packet and stick them straight onto your eye lash line. I actually have oily eyelids (yes unfortunately that is a thing!) so eye products and lashes tend to slide off, so when I applied these on top of my own lashes I actually used some eyelash glue that I already had in my makeup drawers (always handy to keep in your makeup bag or handbag). 

The look that I created in these photos was using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Gel Eye Crayons which I have reviewed here! The look is a “Pop of Pink”, so I decided to use the Wispies for a more low key lash look. They were so comfortable to wear and looked natural along the lash line, so there was no need to add eyeliner! I think these lashes would be great to wear during the day as well as of an evening and would suit a lot of different eye shapes.

False Eyelashes

False Lashes

The second pair of lashes are the Ardell Studio Effects. These lashes are bolder and thicker than the Wipsies, which is why I wanted to save them for my night out with the girls. As I planned and scheduled this makeup look, I chose to create a smokey green eye. I used the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette to create this smokey look for my night out and added these lashes on to complete the look.

I loved these lashes! They made me feel really confident and glamorous! They were so comfortable on I actually forgot I was wearing them all night until I got home and took my makeup off!

I would highly recommend both these pairs of lashes from Ardell and at a great price of £4.49 over at I will have to put in an order soon for my next day/night out!

What False Eyelashes do you love? Let me know in the comments!

*this post contains PR samples

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