Huxley Garden Centre Christmas Grotto
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Christmas Grotto Visit 2018

We seem to have made it a yearly tradition to visit Father Christmas with the kids. Last year we had a day trip to┬áChessington World of Adventures which was just so magical as it had snowed the night before and snowed all day; perfect right?! This year we decided to keep it local as we …

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Read with Phonics App
Baby & Child Children's Learning

Read With Phonics App | Review

My daughter has just started back at primary school and has entered Year 1. Within her first year at school I noticed her speech, understanding and use of words had really improved. Her primary school have in place what they call ‘learning through play’ alongside her phonics learning. At first I was a bit unsure …

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Baby Dove Skincare | Review

Last month we had kindly been invited to a Baby Dove swimming lesson but unfortunately we were unable to attend as little man caught the Chicken Pox. His older sister had the Chicken Pox a few weeks before, so it was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. I have previously written a post …

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Baby Skincare Favourites

I thought I would write a post and share what baby/child skincare products that I like to use on my babies. My children both have different skin types, my daughter has dry and sensitive skin and my son has normal skin. Because of their different skin types/conditions I do have to use different products on …

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