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Why You Should Be Using Eye Products

Are you using an eye cream? When I worked as a skincare specialist I would ask my customers this question and 99% of the time the answer would be no! Are we doing our eyes a disservice by just neglecting them and chucking on a normal face cream? There is a misconception with what age …

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LifeStyle Mindfulness

8 Ways I Practice Self-Care Regularly

Self-Care – a term we hear or read a lot these days. Everyone’s mental health is different, there is no right or wrong when it comes to how you feel and I believe that talking about it can be extremely difficult and is still unfortunately a taboo subject. I have a handful of people in …

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My Night Time Skincare Routine

In February I posted My Morning Skincare Routine, which a lot of my readers really liked. So this month I am sharing My Night Time Skincare Routine with you all, where I will share some more beauty tips and things I have learnt as over the many years I worked as a Skincare Consultant. 

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