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March 2, 2017


In celebration of World Book Day, I have dedicated a post to share my love of reading and some of my favourite books. I will also share my children’s favourite books and what we like to read during the day and at bedtime.

I love to read. From a very young age I have always remembered reading all types of books. I love getting lost in a romance/history novel both at home and when away on holiday. My 4 year old daughter is following the same path, she actually has more books than me! She loves to sit and read with me and she is at that lovely age where she is learning to read. She will happily sit by herself with  some books and recite the stories she remembers by looking at the pictures. If you haven’t seen it already; I have a lovely post Reading With My Children, where I share our time reading together.

So I have mentioned above my love for romance history novels, as I enjoy reading about different cultures, which has me dreaming about traveling to some of the amazing places I have read about.


One of my favourite novelist’s is Victoria Hislop. I own all of her novels and my current wish list includes her short stories, which I will certainly be purchasing for my next holiday!

Victoria’s style of writing and imagination is just something I feel I have a great connection with; her stories always take me far away from reality when I have my nose in her books. It is hard to pick a favourite of hers but I think it has to be The Sunrise.

This story really touched my heart as it is all about Cyprus in 1974 during the Civil War. I am Turkish Cypriot and this story tells the truth of how the Greek and Turkish Cypriots were not all enemies. It upsets me how misunderstood the Turkish Cypriots are as Cyprus is our island too and this beautiful story highlights the love a Greek family and Turkish Family have for each other. My family still tell me stories of what they went through during this time.


If you haven’t read Eat Pray Love then you have to change that right now! I have lost count how many times I have read this book. I have a little review on this inspiring novel here.

Just a quick blurb of this lovely book; A woman’s journey to find forgiveness, herself and love. Her story takes you from a distressing divorce to a Italian pasta paradise, then over to a spiritual shrine in India and finishing with finding love in herself and another in Bali.

I read this book because it inspires me to find myself and the confidence to achieve whatever it is I want in life, no matter how hard it is to get through depression and to deal with anxiety, this book has helped me more than I can put into words. Thank you Elizabeth!


I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to get lost in another world. Unfortunately,  this world for Mariam isn’t as luxurious as many of ours. The passion and the emotion that this book is written is astonishing.

I cried a lot and smiled reading this book, the story is horribly lovely in an oxymoron kind of way. The ‘mother – daughter like’ story and friendships that develop during a very hard time in their lives with the back drop of Kabul in the early 21st Century and the story of the Taliban rise to power in Afghanistan.

Honestly, one of the best books I have ever read!

As I have written previously, my children and I read all the time. In the day if we are home we love to read our learning and interaction books and as I have written in my Reading With My Children post, we love to read our bilingual books.



My daughter is doing so well learning two languages, it is something very important to me and these My First Bilingual Books ~ English – Turkish are absolutely brilliant and great value for money. These books are great for early readers and have great colourful illustrations that even my 1 year old son will happily sit there and flick through the pages looking at the wonderful pictures.

At bedtime, we love a family bedtime story and the nights that Daddy is home early from work is an added bonus. We cuddle up and read our favourite books:


A classic first story book that even I still enjoy reading.


One of my old school favourites that I loved reading at school and my daughter recites word for word.


This book has been handed down to my daughter from me and my sisters; when we were younger my mother would read this to us and it really is a great book about girl who wishes to be big and comes true thanks to the Wishing Moon.

What are your favourite books to read, adult or children books? Please let me know your recommendations in the comments section.

Have a great World Book Day!

Love & Light


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