Natural Glam Christmas Day Makeup

December 23, 2017

Makeup Collection

I am so excited to start sharing my beauty and makeup posts on! I have always loved anything to do with makeup and since I was 15 I have been working in beauty with some amazing beauty brands that I still love to use now I am 28! As it is the party season I have been playing around with different makeup looks and one of the looks I created is perfect for Christmas Day!

This year I am hosting both Christmas Day and Boxing Day so I wanted to create a look that was glam but also more on the natural side as I want to be comfortable wearing makeup all day and especially in a hot kitchen! Some of the makeup that I have selected are my go to essential makeup products that I wear more regularly than any other products that I have and I have a lot of makeup!

Face Base


First of all, lets talk about the base. I always prepare my skin for makeup even if I’m only going to wear a minimal amount. It is so important to cleanse and moisturise before you apply makeup as this will keep your skin hydrated and moisturised which creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup you are about to apply.

As I will be at home and in a warmer environment I want to keep the amount of makeup I am wearing to a minimal (yes, there is a few bits of makeup in the photo above and yes I would normally wear more if I was creating a fuller face! I love makeup!) I go straight in with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 in the shade 4.25 Natural Tan. This is actually my second bottle of this foundation as it is perfect for creating a natural finish on the skin and I highly recommend it if you have a combination/oily skin as it stays shine-free all day! When applying my foundation my go to foundation brush is then Zoeva Rose Golden Vol.2 104 Buffer Brush. A flat headed foundation brush that blends in your foundation for a professional and seamless finish.

Once I apply my foundation, I have been reaching for a concealer, especially for around my eyes. As my summer tan has faded, my skin has become more yellow and opaque, causing darker circles around my eyes (I have an olive colour skin, so this is always a problem I encounter) My current favourite is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in the shade Light Warm. Using the applicator I apply a small amount in a upside down triangular shape under each eye, down the centre of my nose and a small amount dotted around my nose and upper lip area. Using a damp makeup sponge, my current favourite is the Real Techniques one, I gently press the product into my skin until I am happy with the coverage and the blend. This helps to create a highlight around those areas as well as neutralising any darkness and redness on my face.

To set all the liquid makeup I always reach for my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. Using the Banana powder I use a fluffy brush to set the concealer around my eyes, nose and mouth as these are the areas that grease if I don’t not set them with powder. Then using an large angled brush, one I love at the moment is the Spectrum Collection Blush Crush A05, I combine all three of the contour colours in the ABH palette to lightly contour my cheekbones and I do this as a figure of 8 around the edges of my face. The key is to keep blending until you have a seamless finish and not a muddy and patchy looking face.

Clarins Eyebrow Kit


One thing I was always asked when I worked as a makeup artist was “How do you wear eyeshadow?” So many people are scared by the variety of colours and how to create a beautiful eye lid, especially when using eyeliner. Personally, I think any colours you use, if applied properly and strategically can create so many different kind of looks that are easy to achieve. I love a dark smokey eye, but for a ‘stay at home lazing around and eating all day’ kind of look, I didn’t want to go OTT with a crazy smokey eye. Instead, I opted for a natural purply brown cream eyeshadow which has a little sparkle, Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in the shade Amethyst is a great choice. So easy to apply and blendable, I love to create an easy look by drawing a line just above my lash and then a line from the outside of my crease just to the centre of the eye lid crease. Using another Spectrum Collection brush, Eye Spy B04, I slowly start to blend the colour into the centre of the lid. This angled eye contour brush is perfect to create a soft graduation of colour from the outside corners to the inner corners of the eye, having more colours on the outside and fading into the inner part of the lid. I do the same on the bottom lashes, a line half way from the outer corner to the centre and blended out across the whole bottom eyelid.

For this look I also used an eyeliner, but I always see how I feel at the time of doing my makeup whether I want eyeliner or not, I always go with my mood! For this look I used the Clarins 3-Dot-Liner in Black. The three dot applicator is great to thicken the lash line, so I always start here. Once the lash line has a thin line of eyeliner I then create a wing using the dots then I just fill it in and make the line a little thicker to create a seamless cat eye look. To finish the eyes, I love the NYX Stacked Mascara in Black for added volume and length on my lashes.

Lets talk about eyebrows. I love doing my eyebrows, for me, this completes any makeup look! Again depending on my mood, I will either use an eyebrow pencil, brow gel or brow powder. For a natural look I always reach for my Clarins Perfect Eyes & Brow Palette. I use the Zoeva Rose Golden Vol.2 Brow Line Brush 322, a short, angled brush that easily creates a naturally defined brow.

Chanel Lipstick


Last but not least the highlighter and lips! I always wait until I have finished the rest of my makeup before using the Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop Shimmering Powder, to add a pop of golden and elegant shimmer to the top of my cheekbones, tip of my nose and the bow of my lip.

I love a bold lip. I always reach for a red but the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in the shade La Favorite is a softer pinky red which goes with any outfit and is easy to maintain thought the day. The long-lasting finish and smooth appearance is a go to for a special occasion.

Natural Glam Makeup

Natural Makeup

This was so quick and easy to create and a great way to add a bit of glam to a natural makeup look that you can feel comfortable in on Christmas Day!

What look are you going for this Christmas day? Are you choosing a natural look or no makeup at all?

2 more sleeps until Christmas!

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8 responses to “Natural Glam Christmas Day Makeup”

  1. I love your eyeshadow! Just perfect for the day- glam but not too much! So pretty. Think I’ll add a bit of sparkle to my eyes on Christmas Day but keep everything else low key so it’s not too heavy. You’re right-all that cooking and eating and you don’t want it sliding off your face! Lovely post!

  2. Laura says:

    That is a lovely look! I totally agree with you, it is a natural yet a little bit glam which is a pretty good combination, specially since you will be cooking. For me I think I will be having no makeup while cooking but definitely will glam up for dinner! xx

  3. Kyia says:

    I love this look!! You are so talented! Teach me your ways!!

  4. Kim says:

    Loved this one.
    I’ve never dampened my sponge…will try this.
    Eyeliner is one of my tests this last week, I’m trying 🙂
    Much love xxx

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