Why Should We Conform To Trends As Bloggers?

August 31, 2018
Blogging Advice

Blogging Advice

As bloggers/ influencers there is so much pressure put on us to show our readers/ viewers what they want to see. It seems that to be popular and loved by others we have do certain things to keep up with the latest trends and do things that might not necessarily be who or what we are.


Before I start what might be a bit of a rant post I just want to put a disclaimer out there, these are my own views and I DO NOT, in any way, want to discourage or knock any blogger who is this way inclined, as there isn’t anything wrong with what I’m writing about. I just want to share how it makes me feel and the pressures I feel as a blogger, from my perspective and the type of blogger I am.

When you have been blogging for as long as I have it can be difficult to watch new bloggers join the community and grow massive following/ fans and just literally smash being a blogger. It’s brilliant and so inspiring to see such dedication and creativity which is great for the community. As I’ve mentioned before in my post What I’ve Learnt In 5 Years of Blogging, I have stopped focusing on numbers and more on putting out content that I love, because after all that is why we all start blogging, to share our interest, hobbies and our lives.

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On the flip side, I can’t help but feel that sometimes we have to conform to a certain stereotype when wanting to become a ‘successful blogger‘. Now I don’t mean to sound too big headed here but I, myself think I am a successful blogger. I may not have a huge following on social media and I don’t work with big name brands on a regular basis but the hard work I put into my blog and my photos allows me to have great and genuine engagement with my followers and supporters. My blog has a steady number of views daily which I’m proud of and so many lovely bloggers show me so much love and come to me for advice. This, to me, is a successful blogger. In terms of making money from blogging because, lets be real who wouldn’t want to make money writing about what they love?! I have had some great opportunities in 2018 so far and my goal is to keep going and working hard to continue this by doing what I do and whats best for me.

Blogging Advice

Let’s talk about Instagram. Instagram is probably my favourite social media channel. I have dramatically improved my photography skills over the years and really do my best to research my hashtags and get myself out there on this platform, I love the explore page and discovering new bloggers. This year I have noticed my feed/ explore page change and photos are becoming more similar, the new trendy themes that some bloggers are using, i.e. orange/blush coloured photos, over clarified skin, pink and purple skies, London locations etc are the reason why.

Now like I mentioned above, there is NOTHING WRONG with this at all, it’s beautiful, inspiring and of course on trend. However, it’s not original anymore and we shouldn’t be made to feel like these styles are better than other types of photos we see on socials. With small accounts following suit to follow the blogger trends, are we being made to feel like we need to do as others are doing to grow on Instagam and become Insta Famous? Instagram is a place where I think people should show their own creativity and themes and copying others just seems like hard work. Saying this, I have also noticed that these accounts do seem to get a good number of followers and engagement by following these trends but how long will it last until the next trend hits and so fourth.

Its seems people like looking at these types of accounts and this makes me feel like we as bloggers are expected to show the world of instagram that we are all the same, stereotyped to fit a certain trend with our photography. I do try and see this as a positive thing for the community as these wonderful types of bloggers are influencing us to improve our feeds but we are taking it too personal. I love my feed and proud of my photos but the pressure to keep up and compete with the bigger bloggers is hard work especially when you know it is what others want to see. I’m going to say it out loud; blogging has become a competition! There, I had to say it! We could and should be focusing on the positives of blogging and the not just the images we see on social media.


Sorry for going off on a tangent, if you have made it this far thank you!! The reason I wanted to write this post is to say that as bloggers we shouldn’t feel pressured into creating content like others and stick to what works for us individually and personally. I would love to have a feed like MariaJ and EmTalks heck even like Victoria-In The Frow, but that’s not my lifestyle or even my ‘brand’, its theirs and they are smashing it!! These ladies have worked extremely hard for years to get to where they are today and I’ve followed them for most of that journey and respect them so much for paving the way for the rest of us. We shouldn’t feel like failures because we aren’t like them, we should be made to feel just as unique and just let other bloggers inspire us on our own blogging journey. So if you are a blogger and you feel that you are struggling with what direction you and your blogging journey is currently going in, then let other bloggers inspire you to find your own style. Don’t let yourself or let anyone make you feel that you are not good enough that you have to copy – be who you are! Find your own voice, your own theme and take photos of what you want and enjoy being unique, be basic if thats what you are, go out kill it!

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For me now, I am going to keep enjoying reading and enjoying other bloggers content and stop comparing myself, to move on from the feeling that I’m not good enough and continue to create content that fits my life and my lifestyle. I am a foodie cooking from my kitchen, I am a mum parenting daily and I have over a decade of beauty experience to share from working within the industry. This doesn’t cost me any money to blog and all these aspects of my life not only fit into my daily lifestyle but I have no added pressure to produce unnatural/dishonest content for my blog.

On my Instagram I will continue to share food/ lifestyle photos of myself in my everyday life, places I visit, people I see, all the time I have husband there to take my photo of course! That is what works for me right now and you know I won’t be made to feel like its not up to blogger standards because you know what its my standard and I’m happy with that! I don’t think we should feel like we need to follow these trends, as nice as they are, too many new bloggers, and old in fact, feel they need to copycat the bigger bloggers. Just do you, appreciate the inspirations from other bloggers and stop pressuring yourself and others to have the most stunning over edited photos! (Again, let me stress, there is nothing wrong with this) my point is don’t get upset, stressed and anxious about what your doing in comparison to others. Do you huns, be unique, be original share content that makes you you, as a blogger don’t ever forget that.

This post is very out of my comfort zone and I’m probably going to get a little negativity from it but I wanted to share my feelings and who knows I may not be the only one feeling this way, I wanted to reassure anyone that does.

What are your opinions on the pressures we as bloggers can experience?

Pinar xo

6 responses to “Why Should We Conform To Trends As Bloggers?”

  1. I’ve always approached things with the sort of mindset that it’s ok to look at something and think “that’s really cool. I want to do that, too”. After all, exposure’s the only way we discover what we love- whether as kids or as adults. But I think the problem comes in when you stop thinking “I want to do that too” and start thinking “why can’t I be like that”- where there’s (conscious or subconscious) emphasis on feeling jealousy or some other sort of emotional upset.

    We’re not all meant to be the same. If you like something, go for it. But find a way to make it yours instead of trying to conform to what’s already been done. I feel like more people’d be happier in the end if they did things that way (I know I am).

  2. Alice says:

    This is a really great post! I am in total agreement that there are some bloggers out there nailing everything with their own style and that have a perfect feed and look like they have an incredible time creating their content and its so good to see that and have it to look up to. Thing is I am someone who looks for realism and honesty so these things personally don’t really attract me at all. I much prefer following people who are a little different, a little funny/sarcastic and who talk about the crappy side of life openly rather than pretending everything is purple skies and perfectly ripe avocado on toast for brunch. I don’t think we need to conform to trends at all, I’ve only had my blog a year and my following is steadily growing without the sugar coating and perfect editing. But I also think we shouldn’t bash bloggers for wanting to have that persona either, it’s all up to preference at the end of the day!
    Alice Xx

    • Pinar says:

      Exactly! This post was all about how I feel and see it and not a post and what’s right or wrong because there is no right and wrong in blogging. I just think we have too much pressures as bloggers to be the same as others. Good luck with the rest of your blogging journey 🙂 xo

  3. Pinar says:

    Exactly! I’m glad you liked it, thank you for reading! xo

  4. Pinar says:

    It is a shame thats how people decided to blog by copying others for the wrong reason in my opinion, as a blogger we should all have our own personal style and USP because thats what blogging is all about! xo

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