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May 16, 2019

Footner Footcare Review

One of my favourite things about Summer and the warmer weather is getting my feet out of boots and into flip flops and sandals. Yes, I love my feet. I can honestly say they have got to be my favourite body part! So when Footer sent me a little foot care package I was so excited to try out their popular exfoliation socks!

I’m one of these people that like to walk around barefoot, especially in the summer. Ever since I was a little girl this has been my thing, a sort of comfort of mine, to walk around feeling the warmth of the ground. I’ve always been very grateful for my feet, we don’t always think about how wonderful our feet actually are. They are able to support the body, take us places where we wish and give us the freedom of movement. All the wonderful things our feet do for us, so why shouldn’t we take some time to give them a pamper and some TLC?!


I take care of my feet just like the rest of my body and face using skincare. I’ve always believed that a regularly foot care routine is just as important. I practice this act of self-care all year round but during the summer I show them a little more love because walking around in flip flops and sandals can be a little hard on the feet without us realising. Oh and don’t forget to smooth on some SPF too; when you are applying suncream on your body don’t forget those feet and toes too. For more on my body care skincare routine check out my recent post Body Care For Weight-Loss & Anti-Ageing.

Gratitude for your feet quote


The simple foot care routine that I follow for all year round ‘summer ready’ feet include:


The little foot care package I received from Footner works perfectly into my existing routine but most of all I was excited to try the exfoliation socks as I’ve never tried product like this before – You can probably imagine as a foot care lover I was eager to give these a go!

These exfoliation socks are dermatologically tested and fragrance free and designed to help reduce hard skin and cracked heels and generally exfoliating dead skin to promote healthier looking skin.

These innovative exfoliating socks are very easy to use and the packaging is very clear and has easy to follow instructions. So one evening after putting the kids to bed and while hubby was out I planned a little ‘me time’.

Exfoliating Socks Review


Before I used them I washed my feet like normal and then pat them dry before wearing these socks. Placing my foot into these socks was a strange feeling as the gel texture of the product feels cold on the feet. Once both feet were in I used a pair of socks to hold them in place. I left them on for the full hour while I had my feet up with my usual mug of camomile tea watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix (my current watch).

After an hour of wearing these socks, I removed them over the bath and rinsed my feet with some warm water to remove the remaining product. I couldn’t believe how smooth and soft my feet felt. They were so soft that I didn’t need to moisturise at all. I then used the Footer nail file and nail polish in the shade Rosy Red to give my toes the full service.

Footner Exfoliating Socks review

After a week the skin on my feet started to peel. Honestly it wasn’t the best experience. I am used to having smooth and soft feet, so when the peeling lasted nearly 10 days I was glad for it to be over. I wore socks around the house to stop the dead skin from flaking everywhere and made sure to keep to my normal foot care routine (as described above) which I think helped.


Using Footner was an experience, I love foot care products and even though I wasn’t a fan of the peeling and renewing process, I don’t think I personally benefited from the results as someone with normally dry and cracked feet could. I, however, am glad I tried it as my skin’s natural renewal process isn’t great and I suffer from scarring, so physically and mentally my feet feel replenished and rejuvenated as a result.

If you are conscious of your feet because of callus, dry skin and uneven skin then this Footer exfoliating sock is for you. I would recommend using this product at least 2 weeks before you expose your feet (especially on holiday) and make sure to use sun cream to protect your skin and the new skin as a result of these socks.

You can purchase the Footer Exfoliating Socks from Boots and online for £19.99.

Have you used exfoliating socks before? What did you think?

Pinar xo

*this post contains PR samples


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