Welcome to Beauty Baking Bella, a Beauty, Food & Lifestyle Blog founded in 2013 and written by Pinar, a beauty loving foodie, blogging about healthy food recipes, lifestyle & well-being, beauty tips and reviews with a little bit of travel and Covent Gardenparenting.

Pinar has a BA Honours in Advertising and Marketing after graduating from Greenwich University in 2010 along side 13 years of Beauty industry experience and knowledge from working for some big named skincare and makeup brands.

When she is not playing around with skincare and makeup Pinar likes to cook, bake cakes and sweet treats as well as creating healthy family meals which is shared on Beauty Baking Bella.

Pinar is very passionate about health and well being and likes to stay fit with regular exercise with Yoga and Pilates, as well as going to the gym and swimming. Not only does she like to workout but Pinar practices regular mindfulness and follows a self-care routine to manage her chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. Beauty Baking Bella is a little piece of the internet where Pinar shares all her experiences with all of the above.

If you are a brand or blogger and want to collaborate please email beautybakingbella@yahoo.com. I don’t accept guest post as I want the content on my site to be my own, occassionally I share links to other websites and social media channels I love because they inspire me.


On Beauty Baking Bella, when I collaborate with brands either through a gifted basis or sponsored content, all my opinions are my own. All posts are marked to disclaim whether it is a sponsored post, gifted or an affiliate link.

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Pinar Rawlins

UK beauty and lifestyle blogger

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