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June 7, 2023
Bali Body New product - Face Self Tan Mist

Bali Body is my number one go-to for self tan. Bali Body is an Australian brand that specialises in boosting women’s confidence with the simple act of self care using a self tanning product. Inspired by the beautiful island of Bali, the founders have created an array of ‘sunshine in a bottle’ products. Their products don’t just stop at self-tan, they have also created protective sun oils, skincare and bodycare products to help lift that positive inner woman out of ones self. With 8 years of innovative products in their roster, Bali Body products always grace my skincare vanity and bathroom shelf and I always recommend them to friends and family.

Bali Body only use 100% DHA derived from sugar cane making their products vegan and cruelty free and products suitable for all skin types and I have been fortunate to try and review lots of their products over the years as well as being a loyal customer with my first purchase 7 years ago, I instantly fell in love with the BB cream.

Bali Body Face Tan Mist Bottle

Hello, Bali Body Face Tan Mist

The latest addition to the Bali Body family is their brand new Bali Body Face Tan Mist. Formulated in two shades – dark and ultra dark – to perfectly match the Bali Body Self Tanning Mousses.

This easy to apply face mist has been developed and enriched with the ingredients hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and rose water. This formula is super hydrating and nourishing on the skin which ensures a flawless, natural looking tan with the bonus of hydrated and smooth skin.

The benefits of the Bali Body Face Tan Mist :

Easy to use Bali Body Face Tan Mist

How to use the Bali Body Face Tan Mist

This face tan mist is not just for professional self tanners, it can be used by anyone, even a novice. As it is a face mist, there is no need to use a self tanning mitt or to even rub the product into your skin. However, the most important thing to remember when self tanning is to prepare the skin first.

Before applying the face tan mist, make sure you have cleansed or even double cleansed your skin to remove any excess oil and build up on the skin. Follow up with an exfoliator to smooth the skin of any dead skin and uneven texture. I always like to apply a light lotion/cream before applying a self tan, just on any areas I know I get dry skin. This will help to prevent any self tan from sticking to these areas and creating an uneven colour.

Applying the Bali Body Face Tan Mist:

Face Tan Mist Before Face

Before applying the Bali Body Face Tan Mist

Face after applying face tan mist

After one application of Bali Body Face Tan Mist















First impressions. Is it worth it? 

As someone who avoids direct sun (I am very freckly) and wears sunscreen religiously, my olive tone skin can look quite sallow and grey/yellow without a tan. This tends to make me feel a little low and not as confident in myself as I should be. Using a gradual tan like this face mist allows me to create a natural looking tan, enhancing my skins appearance, giving it that natural yet healthy glow. My skin looks and feels hydrated, smooth and plumped. The Bali Body Face Tan Mist allows me the ease and quickness of applying a self tan to my face when doing my normal daily skincare routine. In just a couple of minutes the product is applied and I’m ready to go. After just a few hours my skin looks radiant and sun kissed which also means less makeup and more makeup free days. My skin looks and feels so healthy. This product is more than just a self tan in a body, it’s a hydrating boost for the skin, giving my skin and I the confidence it needs to feel put together and radiant. As a working mum of two young kids, any product that helps me look awake and healthy is a keeper for me. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants a natural glowing sun kissed skin. Whether it is for daily use or as a prep tan ready for your summer holidays. I think this self tan mist is a firm keeper on my skincare vanity now. 

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For more product information or to explore more of their skin, sun and body products check out their website


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