Morning Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

April 21, 2021
Skincare Products recommendations for oily skin in a morning routine

It’s been a while since I shared a morning skincare routine here onBeauty Baking Bella, I always share what skincare and beauty products I’m currently using or trying on my beauty Instagram page. So I’m now taking the opportunity to spill out my skincare vanity into this blog post.

Before I started taking notes for this post, I actually read over a skincare routine post I wrote a few years ago, My Morning Skincare Routine. When I wrote that post, I had left my job as a Skincare Specialist with a global skincare brand. For 7 years I learnt so much about skincare and natural skincare products, through plant-based ingredients and application techniques. I seemed happy with my routine, the knowledge that I had and the amazing response I received from all my lovely customers when I recommended products, they then would return to tell me how much they loved them and how good their skin looked and felt. It wasn’t until I left that job that I was able to experiment more with using different brands and if you have been a part of the beauty community for a long time you may have noticed that over the past 5 years+ it has really expanded, with new brands, new skincare ingredients varying from plant-based and vegan to skincare acids that enhance our natural acids found in the deeper layers of our skin cells. Reflecting back on what my skincare routine included back then, it was simple, a little too simple. My skin has also changed, which means that I have a started a whole new journey with my skincare. I’m 31, I have a hormonal imbalance, I have oily skin, congested pores and the worry of ageing on my face and body. I also have the issue of acne scarring and scarring from blemishes in general so my skincare routine is now wider, full of variety and more targeted with a mindful approach to what products and most importantly the ingredients I am using. I’m not just talking about keeping my skin radiant and smooth but keeping my skin, oil and blemish free, maintaining a healthy skin and not the perfect skin.

So lets jump straight in to my Morning Skincare Routine:

Skincare for oily skin


The most important step of any routine is the cleansing; cleansing the skin ensures that your skin is clean and prepped ready for the rest of your routine. Skincare products absorb better onto a clean skin. With so many different types of cleansers, it’s important to research what the cleanser has to offer your skin. You have a choice of cleansing oils, balms, foaming facial washes with different ingredients from plant oils to acids. It’s ok to have more than one in your routine too. I have two types of cleansers which I use as a part of my double cleansing routine. I have a cleansing balm to lift any oil from my pores and to deeply cleanse the skin. I then use a salicylic acid based facial wash that I use to help maintain a healthy balance within my skin and oily pores. I don’t always double cleanse in the morning like I do in my evening routine because I don’t have any SPF/sunscreen or makeup to remove but as someone with an oily skin, I can sometimes have bumpy and congested skin that causes my skin to break out, especially during the time around my monthly period. So I make a choice whether to double cleanse or not. If I don’t, then I use my facial wash to start my morning routine. My current favourite is The INKEY List Salicylic Acid cleanser. I love this cleanser because it is non-drying, easy to use and washes off like a dream. It’s specifically formulated with 2% Salicyclic Acid (which is a BHA) to gently exfoliate and unclog pores as well as Zinc to reduce excess oil. I’m not saying that my skin is now free from excess oil and break outs because lets face it, no product can completely take away problem skin; but with this cleanser I have the power to maintain a healthy skin balance and any breakouts that cheekily pop up (see what I did there) then using this Salicylic Acid cleanser helps to target the areas and reduce irritation and the breakout from getting worse.


After cleansing, while my skin is still a little damp, I apply my Hyaluronic Acid serum, also by The INKEY List (this isn’t a sponsored post I promise- I genuinely love this brand). Hyaluronic Acid is a moisture-binding ingredient that is naturally found in the skin, which helps retain as much moisture as possible within the skin. Hydrated skin allows the skin to look and feel more plump and smooth as well as reducing fine lines and allowing the natural radiance in the skin to glow from within.


I am an avid toner lover. I adore a facial spray/mist toner, something I can quickly spray all over my face and neck, a product that can help to hydrate and balance my skin. I have a few toning sprays that I always have on rotation. Currently I am loving the Dermalogica Multi-Active toner, which is a lightweight spray toner that instantly hydrates and refreshes with ingredients like mint and lavender, this toner is so refreshing to wake up the skin in the morning and calm any irritation and can be applied throughout the day. Another toner spray that I love is the Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner, it really smells as good as it sounds, not too over powering and makes my skin feel so fresh and clean.


An essence is probably the newest step in my skincare routine. Inspired by the popular Korean Skincare routine, I like to include this step most mornings. I enjoy using the Fresh Beauty Black Tea Kombucha Essence, an antioxidant with anti-pollution protection as well as Hyaluronic acid to hydrate. I simply pat a 20p amount onto my face and neck and allow a couple of minutes to absorb before applying a serum. My skin feels hydrated, smooth and looks bright and healthy. This essence also smells so refreshing and if you like Fresh Beauty products then you will love this formula of fermented Black Tea, Kigelia Africana fruit seed and Mandarin peel extract which together makes a magical concoction for bringing life back to your skin.


Vitamin C is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. I have written about my favourite Vitamin C products in the past, with another of my favourite brands Pixi beauty. However, I’m currently trying and have been for some weeks now, the Dermalogica Biolumin-c Vitamin C serum and it is bloody amazing! Now the Pixi Vitamin C serum is one I wouldn’t think twice about buying because of the price but the Dermalogica serum is honestly another level, however the price is a little more luxurious at £85 for a 30ml, but I would literally save every spare penny I have to purchase this again. My skin loves it and it definitely doesn’t oxygenate like other brands, I’ve had it open for nearly 2 months and the colour hasn’t darkened or changed at all where as a cheaper brand doesn’t last as long before oxygenating into dark and pungent colour that becomes unusable. Vitamin c is great from anti-ageing, brightening the skin but also helps cell renewal reducing the appearance acne scarring and new blemishes don’t leave a mark like they used to before I used a Vitamin C serum daily.


Before I apply my daily moisturiser I also apply my eye cream/gel first as I like it to fully absorb before I apply my sunscreen and any makeup concealer I will be applying at the end of my routine. My current eye product is actually a cream, which is a new thing for me as I’m usually an eye gel kind of girl. I am still on the hunt for an eye gel that does what I want it to do, to help reduce dark and puffy eyes but the Versed Zero-G Smoothing Cream is fantastic because it is a lightweight cream so very similar to a gel texture that pretty much does what I want it to. It has a peach tone hue that helps to illuminate the eye area, with peptides and olive oil to help tighten and smooth the under and outer eye. It’s nothing like I’ve tried before because I always think I need a gel to help with all of the above especially for my oily skin when actually this eye cream works a treat and I will definitely repurchase again.

Skincare product recommendations for morning routine


Finding the right day moisturiser has been a struggle for me. I have used so many different ones over the years and some of them I have liked and some of them I have definitely not. Well, it may be early days but I think I have found the one. The Summer Friday Cloud Dew gel-cream moisturiser has entered my life after some research to find my next day cream and honestly I am in love. If the packaging alone doesn’t win you over, then the texture and the gentle fruit scent is a winning combination. Formulated with, you guessed it, Hyaluronic Acid (I just cant get enough of it) and not just one but three types, along with barrier protecting Ceramide, and Pineapple Enzymes to plump, hydrate and brighten the skin while leaving it feeling smooth and soft and naturally oil free. I know in terms of the skincare world, it may be early days, but I love everything about this moisturiser and hoping the results continue and go above and beyond all the other moisturisers I have used.


I can not stress enough how important a daily SPF is in your routine. No matter what your age or skin type it is so important to use a broad spectrum SPF/Sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. I have a few favourites that I have in rotation. I adore the La Roche Posay Anthelios 50 sunscreen, it is perfect for oily skin, it isn’t greasy, it absorbs easily and doesn’t leave a white sheen. However, as that has now run out and now sits on my list to replenish, I have just started another tube of the Dermalogica Skinperfect SPF 30 Primer. Not only is it an SPF but it also primes my skin or if I’m not wearing make-up, just smooths my skin, making my pores look invisible and my skin naturally even. I love this product because of the way it helps me feel more confident in my skin as it helps to diminish the acne scaring I still have on my skin especially the marks and dents on my forehead and chin. This product is a massive confidence booster. I highly recommend this for anyone and any skin type.


DO NOT forget those lips. They also need hydration, nourishment and protection and my current go to is the Fresh Beauty Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Honey. A nude shade, perfect for everyday, the texture is so soft and moisturising. This nourishing lip balm is so easy to apply and it doubles up as a light lipstick because of the gorgeous shade.

This may be a long routine for some or may seem little for others but this routine works for my oily and congested skin and takes 5 minutes. Just because my skin is oily it doesn’t mean I need to skip a moisturiser or an SPF as it is just as important as a dry skin to keep it hydrated, nourished and protected. A combination of a few skincare acids help maintain a healthy skin and I have allowed my skin to rejuvenate, repair and find itself again. I finally feel like I have a good balance of products and because my skincare is one of my main self care practices, it’s important to me that I’m using the right products that not only give me good results but also make me feel confident and happy in my skin.

I hope that by me sharing my current morning skincare regime motivates and inspires someone, anyone with a similar skin type like me to keep going with their skincare. And if you don’t have a routine, I hope this inspires you to start one for yourself. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with some of the skincare tips and advice that I share daily and if you would like some advice or recommendations send me over a DM!

What does your morning skincare routine consist of? Let me know in the comments!

Pinar xo


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