Helping Escentual End #SunPoverty

June 16, 2021
Sun Poverty Campaign with Escentual

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I’m a huge advocate of using daily sunscreen and reapplying regularly. This is the case even for my children; even on cloudy days, my children will have an SPF 50+ sun cream applied. When Escentual reached out to tell me all about their #SunPoverty campaign I knew I had to help share and raise awareness of what they are doing and also to raise awareness of sun safety for the next generation.

Sunscreen isn’t just for summer days and holidays; sunscreen should be a daily necessity for all and currently we have an issue in the UK (and worldwide) where not all children are able to access safe sunscreen for daily use.

Just a few little facts from the #SunPoverty campaign that really are an eye opener and the reason behind this campaign. We need to help teach our children the importance of sun safety and sun protection:

These figures are shocking but also so preventable with the right education not only for children but parents and carers too.

Escentual Sun Poverty SPF 50+ donations


Escentual is using this campaign to help –

This is an amazing campaign!! If you are like me and swear by daily sunscreen or if you are still learning about the importance of it then please check out more information on the Escentual website about the #SunPoverty campaign and see how you can help and raise awareness, even if it just having a simple conversation with your children and investing in sunscreen that will in turn help protect those kids that don’t have access to sunscreen. While you are there, help spread sun safety information to all! Wear your sunscreen and SPF people!!

Pinar xo

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