Baby Dove Skincare | Review

May 10, 2018
Baby Skincare Product Review

Baby Skincare Product Review

Last month we had kindly been invited to a Baby Dove swimming lesson but unfortunately we were unable to attend as little man caught the Chicken Pox. His older sister had the Chicken Pox a few weeks before, so it was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. I have previously written a post on how we got through Chicken Pox here if you would like some advice for your children.

A week later it was a lovely surprise when Baby Dove kindly offered to send us a box of their products to try and review and I was very excited to give them all a go at home.


Dove has always been one of those household names my family have known and loved for years. While growing up and even still now, my Mum loves and uses their body products religiously. One of my early memories of using the original Dove soap was from my many summer trips to see family in Cyprus during the school summer holidays. The Dove Original Liquid Soap was always in our toiletry bag on these holidays, and I can still remember the smell and the feel of my skin using this product after a day out at the beach. After using Dove, my skin would always feel so moisturised and soft and I know my Mum would always trust Dove to look after our skin after a day of suncream, sand and sea water and to keep our skin hydrated and soft.

When it comes to my own children, I am just as particular about using the right products on my babies skin. Both my children tend to suffer with dry skin, especially during those winter months, so I have stuck to the same skincare products which have always looked after their sensitive skin. Before now, I hadn’t tried Baby Dove so when I received these beautiful products I was equally nervous and excited to give them a go.

My two year old baby boy still has that delicate soft baby skin and loves to be pampered every bath time with his usual lotions and potions. His normal routine would be a bath every other evening and a head to toe wash in the basin in between. I find this helps to keep his skin soft and doesn’t dry or irritate his skin, so keeping to our usual routine we started to introduce Baby Dove into our bath/bedtime and nappy changing routine.

Baby Dove Review


We were sent two types of Head to Toe washes, the first, Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture which is Hypoallergenic and Fragrance free. I thought this was the best one to start with as little man is prone to irritation from products. The liquid soap texture was gentle and very soft on the skin. A small amount in my hand and fingers or on a sponge with warm water built up into a nice foamy consistency, which gave a great cleaning experience. I used this product on his face and body and it left his skin soft to touch and looking healthy and bright.

Baby Dove Head to Toe Wash Rich Moisture had the same consistency even though the name “rich” suggests otherwise, but it was good to have a nice, light texture that left the skin feeling soft and smelling just like those first few weeks of your newborn baby’s life, when you are surrounded by that gorgeous baby scent. This one may not be fragrance free but it is hypoallergenic and tear free and a couple of weeks on and still no irritation, just soft and nice smelling skin. Both bottles came in a pump action bottle, which sits nicely on the side of the bath making bath time easy, without that struggle to keep both eyes on baby while looking for caps and bottles.

Baby Dove Review


My little boy has so much hair; thick hair, just like his Dad. I’ve already lost count how many hair cuts he has had. As he has gorgeous hair we like to look after it by using a gentle shampoo, so I was excited to try the Baby Dove Shampoo. Just like the Head to Toe washes, the texture of the shampoo was light and soft and a little really goes a long way. As I gently massage this product on his little head it foams up and washes off perfectly, he loved the feel of this product on his skin and loved all the white bubbles it made in the bath tub. The light Baby Dove fragrance is so fresh and clean that his hair now always smells freshly washed even on those in-between bath days.

Baby Skincare - Dove


This is a product we haven’t used as much as the others purely for convenience. I personally find soaps hard work and messy but it did bring back memories of my child hood and using the Dove original soap bars and I couldn’t believe I was using Dove on my little ones just like my Mum used to when I was young. The formula is just as gentle as the Head to Toe wash and I think this is a good option if you like using and having a bar of soap by the bath tub.

Baby Dove Skincare Review


To complement the two Head to Toe Washes, there is a Body Lotion to go with it. So, again, we tried the Sensitive Moisture first. This light weight lotion is a great texture which is easily applied and absorbed into the skin. This lotion does not leave any sticky residue but instead leaves soft to the touch skin that lasts all day. I found that with one application of this after his bath he didn’t need to reapply in the morning as his skin was still soft and moisturised. A small amount of this product seems to go a long way and already I have noticed it has lasted longer than his usual body cream.

Rich Moisture has the same light fragrance as the Head to Toe wash and leaves his skin feeling soft and smooth with that amazing baby smell which lasts until his next wash. I am always sceptical with lotions and creams but these certainly proved to be the perfect fit into our bath/bedtime routine.

Baby Dove Skincare Review


I love how Baby Dove continue the two ranges through to the baby wipes too! I am really careful with what I use on both my younger and my older child’s skin, so it is nice to see there are options to chose from and not just ‘one for all’ products. When it comes to baby wipes we have had our issues from bad nappy rashes and irritation and I will be honest I was extremely frightened to use theses wipes because of bad experiences with other brands. I have written a post on our problems with baby wipes here and what we usually use to keep little man’s bottom clear and nappy rash free.

Thankfully both these wipes were gentle and haven’t caused any irritation on his little bottom…yay!! The wipe itself has a nice, soft feel and doesn’t rip when you are wiping away those nasty number twos. One thing I will critic is that they can become a little dry once opened, so I found turning them upside down helped to keep all the wipes moist.

Baby Skincare - Baby Dove

Baby Dove Skincare Range Review


This product is such a great size tube and so convenient for any changing bag. During our nappy changes we usually use coconut oil, so it was nice to try something different. I was pleasantly surprised how how light in texture the Baby Dove Nappy Cream is compared to other brands we have previously tried. It is almost like a lighter version of Sudocrem and who doesn’t like Sudocrem?! We use less than a pea sized amount and that is more than enough for a light coverage around the bottom area and it makes changing number twos a lot easier so that you don’t have to use the wipes too harshly to get it all off (parents with babies that are eating what your eating will know what I’m talking about!).


Yes!! We had such a great experience using these lovely products, even my Husband kept making comments on how nice little mans skin felt and smelt and how enjoyable the product are to use. We loved it that much I have even been using it on my 5 year old daughter’s skin who suffers from mild eczema and her skin is now smooth and clearer.  Baby Dove will definitely be staying in our bathroom and changing bag.

Also, the price of these products are so affordable that they won’t break the bank as you have to worry about paying so much on nappies and toiletries for your little ones as it is.

Have you used Baby Dove before? What did you think?

Pinar xo

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  1. jane says:

    I should try this for my little one.
    Sounds nice and gentle

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

    • Pinar says:

      Baby Dove really is perfect for little ones skin, I was pleasantly surprised how good these products are and how cheap they are! Thank you for reading 🙂 xo

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