WaterWipes To The Rescue | Baby Skincare Review

January 12, 2018
Baby and Child Baby Wipes

Baby and Child Baby Wipes

When you have a baby all you want is to use the best products for their sensitive skin and with so many brands on offer to us consumers it can be hard to make the right decision. I have two beautiful little children and they both have completely different skin. I have previously written a post on what baby products we have used here.


I still remember changing both my babies bottoms for the first time at the hospital, with a little warm water and hundreds of cotton balls. This was our nappy changing essentials for the first month of their lives. After this time, I switched to baby wipes and with my first baby I used so many different brands and she endured different reactions from many of them. She had and still has dry/eczema prone skin, so you can imagine some of the reactions she had on her little bottom, from little red rashes to red looking burns! I then came across WaterWipes as a recommendation from a Health Visitor at our local Children’s Clinic and within days her little bottom was good as new!



From this experience I knew what to do the second time around and after the first month of using warm water and what seemed like a million cotton balls we switched straight to WaterWipes. Nappy rashes and skin rashes were non-existent with my little boy and I believe that WaterWipes had a lot to do with that.


As my little boy got older and we discovered his skin was no where near as sensitive as my daughters, we switched to a supermarket brand of wipes, which were again recommended and I was sure to check it was dermalogically and paediatrician approved and stated it was suitable for sensitive skin. After some time I noticed my little boy’s bottom was becoming a little dry and unfortunately just before his 2nd birthday he caught a little tummy bug and quickly developed a very sore and uncomfortable nappy rash. Thankfully this coincided with WaterWipes kindly sending me a few of their wipes to try and then review and I was so grateful for this timing as I threw the cheap wipes away and resorted to warm water and cotton balls just to make nappy changes more comfortable. Within a couple of days of using the WaterWipes, my toddlers nappy rash had completely disappeared and I learnt my lesson switching to cheaper and less sensitive wipes. So that was that, I am now back to using WaterWipes for nappy changes!


We don’t just use WaterWipes for nappy changes but for face wipes and sticky hands while out and about. These wipes are 99.9% water which is purified and softened making it more gentle than using water and soap, preventing any drying or irritation on little ones skin! With 0.1% fruit extract, which acts as a natural skin conditioner, you can be confident your baby’s skin will keep its soft and smooth feel safe from the harshness of unnecessary chemicals!

Travel WaterWipes

WaterWipes are endorsed by Allergy UK and the Eczema Association of America and are highly recommended for newborn babies because they are so natural. From my personal experience I would definitely recommend these amazing wipes to all new mummy’s and daddy’s as well as those with toddlers and preschoolers. I now always have a packet of travel WaterWipes in our changing bag for when we are out and about! I purchase my WaterWipes from my local Boots store but they are widely available at most baby retailers and supermarkets.

Have you used/use WaterWipes before? What is your experience with baby wipes? Please let me know in the comments!

*this post contains PR samples

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