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March 16, 2017

I wanted to write and share a post about what baby/child skincare products I like to use on my babies. My children both have different skin types, my daughter has dry and sensitive skin and my son has normal skin/sensitive skin . Because of their different skin types/conditions I do have to use some different products on them daily. I believe that no matter what age you are you should always have a good basic skincare routine, so why should that be any different for our children?

Now before I start, a little disclaimer. I just want to say that I am not a dermatologist or a paediatrician, every child’s skin is different and if you have any major concerns you should always see you GP for advice. I am saying this because this post includes a prescription item.

So here are our Baby Skincare Favourites…


This product is a prescription for my daughter, which she has been using for 4 years. We use 3 cap fulls diluted in her bath water. This product helps to soften the harshness of hard water on her skin during bath time, preventing her from red and irrupted eczema like bumps on her skin. This form of Oilatum is more concentrated than the one you buy on the shelves at Boots or your local Pharmacy, but I imagine it would do the same thing, if you are unsure, do ask your GP or HV.


I have already written about the Mustela products that we use here. This product is the only body wash that we have found that doesn’t irritate my daughters skin. It is such a lovely product and always leaves her precious skin soft and smooth.


My son uses this product for bath time. It is an all in one wash, perfect for his delicate skin and smells lovely without irritating his skin.


We use the bath wash on his top and toe nights, as I don’t like to bath him every night because it will dry his skin too much. The Johnson bedtime wash range is a favourite of ours and I highly recommend it to anyone who is starting a bedtime routine. The lavender scent really helps to soothe your little one and I found it helps my baby sleep better. We use the bedtime bath as his bubble bath and again the smell of this product is subtle but soothing and will forever remind me of my baby when he was a newborn.


Due to my daughters dry skin we always have to apply a moisturiser on her skin after she has had a wash to keep her skin soft and smooth, otherwise she does get very dry skin as the day goes on.

Aveeno was recommend by my GP and she has used this cream for the same period that she has used the Oilatum in her bath. Both products work well together for her and thankfully we have kept her dry skin at bay.


I use this face cream on both my babies, they have a bottle each. This product helped clear my sons ‘eczema’ on his face when he was a newborn. It is a lovely soft cream that helps keep their faces clear and soft all day.


Kokoso Baby is a huge favourite of ours, I use coconut oil for a lot of things, check out my post Coco For Coconut Oil. After my son has a bath we do a little body massage (well we did, now he doesn’t sit still!) I like to moisturise his skin with a little coconut oil after his bath to keep his skin soft and hydrated. Coconut oil is also perfect during nappy changes to keep their little bum bums clear and soft and great for treating a nappy rash. If you haven’t tried coconut oil as a skincare product yet you are missing out!


Lastly, I want to talk about WaterWipes. Are they worth the hype? Well yes, yes they are! We love using WaterWipes*, they are so much nicer to use than some of the other brand wipes on offer. I love how moist and soft the individual wipes are and how every wipe in the pack is filled with water (I hate having to turn a pack of wipes on its front to even out the “moisture” in the pack). These beauties are great for nappy changes because they are brilliant for preventing nappy rash or to aid a nappy rash, as they are soft and gentle and not perfumed. I use these wipes on the kids to wipe and refresh their faces and hands, especially sticky hands when we are out and about. They are a little more expensive than the “average” wipe but it is so worth it because they are brilliant.

What are your baby skincare favourites? Please let me know if you have any fabulous recommendations.

*this post contains PR samples

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