Read With Phonics App | Review

September 24, 2018
Read with Phonics App

Read with Phonics App

My daughter has just started back at primary school and has entered Year 1. Within her first year at school I noticed her speech, understanding and use of words had really improved. Her primary school have in place what they call ‘learning through play’ alongside her phonics learning. At first I was a bit unsure how this would work, however now going into her second year at primary school and into year 1; her reading, writing and numbers are perfect and have really come so far in just one year!

Learning through fun activities and play is a great way for children to really feel comfortable and at ease when it comes to learning, so when we was asked to try out a fun learning app Read with Phonics, I knew it would be something that my daughter would absolutely love and I was right!

Read with Phonics App Review

Read with Phonics App Menu

Read with Phonics App

Water World

Read with Phonics App

Forest World

Read with Phonics App Review

Lava Land

Read with Phonics App

Jelly City


The Read with Phonics App was founded and created by Sophie, a school teacher, who wanted to create the ultimate resource for phonics learning in schools and at home. With her knowledge and work ethic, she created phonics games specifically designed to teach phonics to primary school children.

If you are unsure what phonics is, it’s a method of teaching the alphabet and the English language using the sounds of the letters and blending the sounds, recognising them while using them to read and write. The Read with Phonics app is for school Year 1 and Year 2 ages and works alongside the phonics programs currently used in English speaking schools.

Read with Phonics

There are 4 games/ levels to play starting with Water World then on to Forest World, Lava Land and finally Jelly City. The levels work with progressive process starting with simple sounds to more complicated spelling combinations. Starting in ‘Water World’ and every time you complete a sound another level is unlocked. This app uses

With over 100+ games on this interactive learning app and my daughter loved playing and learning. She was able to get straight into the games because of its simple layout and the app is so easy to use. You could easily use this app at home or when out and about if the kids get bored and would also be perfect for holidays to keep your child learning their phonics even when having family fun.

Overall, a fun and great app to have for your primary aged child who is learning to read and write. My daughter’s own words about this app “This game is actually quite good.” I, as a Mum, am grateful for this app as it helps me understand phonics too so when I am reading with my daughter, I now have an understanding of how she is learning in school.

Available on Google, IOS and Amazon app stores – check out the website for more information.

We love to read together in our house, check out my post Reading With My Children to see what books with like to read together.

Have you checked out the Read with Phonics App yet?

Pinar xo


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2 responses to “Read With Phonics App | Review”

  1. Heather says:

    This is something that would go down amazingly in my house! My oldest is too old for the app now but my youngest has just started Nursery and will be learning all of the phonics pretty soon as they start it at a young age at their school. Definitely something I need to look more into.

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

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