My Cake Decorating Course

April 10, 2017

I recently took a beginners Cake Decorating Class which lasted for six weeks on a Tuesday evening. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of the bits I made in class each week. If not then here is a little post sharing my cake decorating journey and how I got on in my classes.

Firstly, just a little background, before attending this course I had never professionally been shown how to do any kind of decorating or sugar craft. I have been baking for years just as a hobby and just sort of went with it and taught myself a few bits. This beginners class is something I have always wanted to do for years but due to my anxieties of going out there and trying something new on my own, I was petrified! My amazing husband surprised me with this course and has always supported any little hobby or career change I have ever done. This was a big thing for me to start, something so outside of my comfort zone. Looking back I have no idea what took me so long, on my first day I packed up my bag ready for my first class, ready with all my apron, equipment, notebook and pen and I was ready to go. I had a great time, the two hours just flew by. I made some lovely new friends and I  learned a great deal about cake decorating and also being in a new environment after having the courage to do something different. I loved it!

A little break down of what I did week by week (with photos, obvs!) If someone out there reading this post is inspired to find the strength and courage to try something new, something they have been putting off because of their anxieties, then fantastic, no matter how hard it is one day you will be ready to do it, because you can!

So here we go..


Our first class was to create a Unicorn using roll out icing and sugar paste. I learned the mechanics of how to create an ‘animal figurine’ using techniques on how to colour the icing sugar and sugar paste and how to work the icing and paste together, working steady to create this beautiful creature. I was so proud of myself as I had never create anything like this before.



For my second class we was asked to bring in a pre-baked 6 inch round cake, so I made 3 vanilla sponges (my favourite cake). I also had to bring in a x3 batch of Vanilla Buttercream recipe that I then coloured with icing colour paste. Using a Wilton 104 pipping nozzle (my first use) I learned how to pipe ruffles onto a cake. To finish I placed my Unicorn figurine from the week before on top.


For the third class I bought in another pre-baked cake but this time we learned how to prepare and roll out ready to roll white icing and fix it onto a 6 inch round cake. We then went on to colour and create some lovely and elegant roses to place onto the cake. This is something I had always wanted to learn to do and although it was very fiddly to make the more you make them the easier they become to do.


For my fourth class we had to bring in a pre-baked square cake to which we then made into a square gift box cake. Using ready to roll icing I learnt how to create a lovely ribbon and bow and place it onto an iced cake. This was by the far the most challenging week for me as it was very fiddly.


This week was all about sugar paste and how to create some beautiful sugar paste flowers using the proper tools. I created some lovely decorations ready for my cake for the final week. This was my favourite week as I love craft things and creating pretty things and again this was bucket list stuff for me, I loved making these!


The final week of the course was a Chocolate Easter Basketweave Cake (the hardest creation was left until last). I baked a Cacao Chocolate Cake (my recipe here) ready for class and x3 bath of Cacao Buttercream. Using a number 47 nozzle I learned how to create a lovely basketweave piping around a cake which looked amazing and very realistic. To finish I decorated the top of the cake with the previous weeks sugar paste flowers and mini eggs (to which I ate most of in class!)

My tutor has recommended I continue and book on for the Intermediate course later this year to which I am so excited about already. I’m very grateful for my Husband for surprising and pushing me to finally do this course because I had so much fun and miss it already (although there was a lot of cake to eat over the 6 weeks which got a bit too much haha!)

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Cake Decorating Course. Please let me know what you think and also let me know if you have ever done or have thought about completing a course like this.

Love & Light

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  1. Wow this sounds amazing! Go for you for doing something you love! I really need cake in my life right now, all your creations are so cute:)

    Corrie | Corrie Arnold

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