Taking Control With TEST CARD UTI Home Test

March 2, 2021
UTI Self Test Home Kit Review


Put your hand up if you have been personally victimised by a UTI? The chances are most people, especially women, will have experienced the painful symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection.


A UTI is nothing to be embarrassed about and doesn’t mean you are dirty or unclean. It is just bacteria in your urethra, kidney or bladder. Symptoms usually include:


A UTI is mainly caused by bacteria in the urethra but can also be from other issues including:

I have personally suffered with a kidney infection when I’ve been stressed and my immune system has taken a hit as well as Cystitis around the time of my periods. A UTI is painful and uncomfortable and it can feel like an embarrassing topic to ask your GP about. Talking about our health and body is important because like any infection, if left untreated it can lead to worsening of symptoms and serious complications. Now, I’m not a doctor, I write this from knowledge of my own experience and when in doubt I always use the NHS website for more information on my symptoms and stay away from a general Google search, because we know how easy it is to self-diagnose with the worst case scenario, we’ve all be there!

A UTI can be easily treated by your GP, but when you are not sure if you have symptoms or you can’t get a doctor’s appointment it can leave you feeling worried and stressed.  This is where Test Card comes in, a non-invasive UTI test kit developed to check yourself for a UTI. This easy to use test can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. The quick and easy method of using Test Card means you can get results in minutes and then you can use the results to notify you GP when you call up, this can skip the middleman and you can get your treatment started quickly.

Easy to use UTI home test kit


Simple order your test online at testcard.com once it has reached your letter box, follow the instructions on the outer card and download their free app. This app is what will do all the hard work for you. This UTI testing kit turns your smartphone camera
into a clinical-grade scanner to detect UTIs. Simply follow the easy and step by step instructions. The UTI test strip gets dipped into a urine sample and the app will scan the code on the test card and tell you your results in minutes.


Like I mentioned before, like any infection, do not ignore your symptoms and get yourself a test or call your GP. You can manage symptoms by drinking plenty of fluids, lots of rest and paracetamol for pain relief. A UTI rarely goes away by itself so if symptoms don’t ease up after a few days don’t ignore it and seek medical advice.

The Test Card UTI Urine Self-Test Kit cost £12 and comes with two separate strips, so you can test multiply times or keep until needed. For me, someone who unfortunately has had a few episodes in my adult life, this kit would be so handy to have and with quick and accurate results in the comfort of my own home I can take control of my own health and body and get the treatment I need quickly.

Let me know of your personal experience with UTI and if you have tried Test Card before in the comments below.

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  1. Oh god I remember getting quite a few UTI’s at university and had never had them before and called my mum up crying in so much pain! This at home kit is such a good way, especially wtih being unable to go to the doctors as much, to get it sorted! xx


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