6 Month Review With My Happiness Planner

January 9, 2017

I have now been using The Happiness Planner for 6 months and thought this was a good time to reflect on how I have benefited from using this type of daily planner. My planner is a monthly planner with dates which has been a good way of me making time on a daily basis to take a seat and a cup of herbal tea and sit and plan or reflect on my day.

The Happiness Planner helps keep me organised in my mind and on paper. On a daily basis I write down what I’m looking forward to that day and what my focus will be, keeping it positive and inspired. I am able to keep a track of what days I exercise and what I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This has helped me keep a focus on eating well and meal planning for the day, which has significantly improved my health (I’m a Migraine and IBS sufferer) so keeping a ‘food diary’ helps me see what foods I ate and how they have effected my mood and health that day.

One thing I really love about this dated planner is that I can write a schedule of my day, jotting things down that I need to remember to do is also a fantastic feature as I can tick off what I have done and remember what I still need to do.

At the beginning of every month there is a page before the month starts that enables you to fill in your ‘personal goals’ and ‘work goals’ which gives me something to work towards, giving structure to my month. Then at the end of the month there is a reflection page where I write about my month, the positives and negatives and how I overcame any obstacles. You can calculate your reflection rate out of a score of 25, which I compare each month so I can see what type of month I have had and what I need to improve on in the coming months.

I’ve always been the type of person to have a diary or notebook as I like to write things down, whether its a ‘to do’ list, a shopping list, memories or feelings. In the past I have had a history of depression and anxiety and sometimes it can be difficult to talk to someone in that moment when you need to clear your mind, so writing it down even if its just your mood or feelings can be so good for you mind and body. With The Happiness Planner I can do all of the above and it makes me feel at ease and happier, even on a low day, when writing it down I can go back and reflect and remember what helped and what didn’t.

This planner is so beautiful and easy to use. I love using my planner and have recommended it to a few friends that love it just as much as me. If you are looking for a new planner for the year it is not too late to start for you mind, body and soul.

Do you have this planner or another type of organiser? Please let me know as I love a planner/notebook.

Love & Light


5 responses to “6 Month Review With My Happiness Planner”

  1. Tea Milas says:

    Lovely post. Your planner is super cute, I still didn't get one but plan to visit some book stores soon.

    Have a great day xx

    Tea | moonshinefaerie.com

  2. I'm thinking about giving this type og planners a try. I'm thinking about The 5 minute journal, because I am quite lazy and that journal does not require a lot of effort, haha.


  3. BJM says:

    Love this planner! Where did you get it from? 🙂

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