1 Hour Express Tanning With Bali Body

January 19, 2021
Bali Body Self Tan Review

To me, a fresh tan makes me feel so happy and confident. As someone that looks like a Simpson with my yellow undertone, self-tanning is a way to make my skin look healthy and glowing without the sacrifice of using a sunbed or laying in the sun (which I personally don’t like). This can be impossible most months of the year in the UK so using the right self-tan is so important to me.

Current situations are unfortunately preventing many of us from going about our normal lives and being out of routine, I haven’t been keeping up with my self-tanning like I would have if I was doing my normal daily activities. After a period of time where I felt like I was in limbo, I finally pulled myself out of the lockdown coma and started adding self-tan into my regular routine as an act of self-care. I would be sure to exfoliate and dry brush the day before and moisturise my dry areas like my elbows, knees and ankles and then schedule in 10 minutes to apply the tan. I have a post where I share my tips to ensure the best self-tan including prep and applications.

Bali Body Self Tan Review

My favourite self-tan brand is Bali Body. I’ve written more about what I use here and reviewed their products on this blog a few times (that’s how much I love them).

Over the past few weeks, I have been lucky enough to try their brand-new product, the 1 Hour Express Self Tan. As a mum of two and a new dog mum, finding the time to self-tan and waiting for it to develop can sometimes put me off taking the time to self-tan. But this quick and easy, light-weight, self-tan mousse is so easy to use and the developing time is so quick and it dries quickly so you can wash it off in an hour!

So, let me talk more about Bali Body’s brand spanking new product.


This light-weight mousse is so easy to apply on to the skin. It has a colour guide so you can see where you apply it. It applies like a light lotion into the skin and using their Luxe Tanning Mitt gives you a nice and even coverage. With a gentle scent, it’s just like applying a normal body product and just as quick. Making it a body product you could easily fit into your normal body care routine.

Now, it may be overwhelming to see the word dark on the bottle but don’t be put off.  This 1 Hour Express tan is such a beautiful and natural colour, and my tan after an hour looks just like I’ve been in the sun for a few hours, a natural looking glow. It is such a gorgeous colour and if you leave it on for a few hours. Before washing it off, it goes a little darker but it allows you to build a darker colour if you want, so you don’t go from 1-10 in on application. It’s easy for any novice to use, making it a customisable tan that you can reach for anytime you want a natural glowing tan.

Self Tanning with Bali Body

Like always, the Bali Body packaging is so aesthetically pleasing and this product doesn’t fall short of looking just as glam and appealing but this isn’t just a pretty bottle to look at; this is a fantastic product that will now be my go-to when I want to self-tan.

Bali Body 1 Hour Express Self Tan is available on their website balibodyco.com retailing at £28.95 for a 225ml bottle and their soft and easy to use Luxe Tanning Mitt (which is just amazing), is £12.95 but currently if you purchase the tan you can get the mitt for £10.36. Their delivery is so quick and efficient you could be self-tanning in no time and looking like a glowing god/goddess in no time.

Will you be treating yourself to the new Bali Body 1 Hour Express Self Tan?

Pinar x


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