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April 1, 2020
Bali Body Product Review

My intention was to write and share a post about preparing your body and beauty routine for a summer holiday and the summer beauty but at this time, these things and life are very uncertain. These are unprecedented times, where our plans for the upcoming months and the start of Spring and Summer in the UK is looking likely to be one indoors and in quarantine.

In the light of recent events however, I want to share this post as a positive and light hearted beauty blog post and reminding people we still need to look after ourselves, even in this time of uncertainty and to continue reading, sharing and supporting others in our current situation.

Selfcare and mental health have never been so important, with most of us now in self-isolation, keeping ourselves indoors and away from loved ones, so it’s important not to forget that we need to try and continue some normality in our daily lives. So, I renamed this post Glow with Bali Body, a review and recommendations piece on how to glow with my favourite Bali Body* products on your summer holidays or in this case a self-isolation glow. As it is looking like my family summer holiday is going to be cancelled, I want to share how to glow at home and still feel happy and glowy with some basic beauty essentials.

The products I want to talk about are:

Bali Body Ultra Dark Self-Tanning Mousse

Bali Body BB Cream

Bali Body Shimmering Oil

Bali Body Highlighter Sticks

Bali Body Self Tan Dark Mousse


I genuine love to self-tan. I love the way my skin looks; it gives me confidence and makes me feel good. I’m trying to continue my self-tan routine even while staying at home, this way I can continue to feel great. As someone who has body scaring from years of acne and breakouts caused from depression and chronic illness, keeping up with this small but vital beauty routine is key for my self-confidence. This brings me to the Bali Body Ultra Dark Self-Tanning Mousse. This self-tan is incredible! I’m a big fan of their original self-tanning mousse and this newer formula for a deeper and darker tan gives you holiday vibes in a bottle. Formulated with nourishing oils and 100% natural DHA, this hydrating and smoothing self-tan creates a natural bronzed and sun kissed look of a long-lasting tan. Using a self-tanning mitt, this product is so easy to apply and it dries very quickly so you can easily fit some time into your day to apply some self-tan. This product has a colour guide so you can ensure that you have a nice, even and hassle-free tan with no streaks or patches. Keeping a natural looking tan is one beauty routine step I will be keeping up with for my own mental health and self-confidence. For quick and easy application tips check out my post on How To Achieve The Perfect Sunless Tan


Now let’s talk about one of my favourite BB creams. First introduced to me by my sister a few years ago on our trip to Santorini. I was amazed how healthy and natural my skin looked upon application. Bali Body BB Cream comes in 4 shades and for me the shade Natural is perfect. A 3 in 1 wonder product that hydrates, corrects (uneven skin) and protects with its SPF15 sun protection. This light-weight formula is my daily go-to and I reach for this beauty product far more than any of my foundations now. I love the healthy glow it gives my skin, whether it’s for the school run in the morning or for days and nights out. With its natural coverage and long-lasting glow, I am always confident this product will keep my skin looking and feeling good.

Bali Body Body Shimmering Oil


I love a body oil during the summer months, especially on a summer holiday in the evenings. The Bali Body Shimmering Body Oil, is luxury in a bottle. No matter what skin tone you have a shimmering body oil will always enhance a natural glow and shimmer to give you that glow, leaving you looking and feeling like a goddess. I personally love that feel of a lightweight oil on my skin after a day in the sun on holiday, when you are all showered and refreshed from the sun cream, sun and sea water on your skin. When I apply this shimmering oil, my skin looks so healthy and with its subtle glam glow, this product is a vital part of my evening beauty routine preparing for an evening out, whether it’s on a summer holiday, night out with friends or a date night. You can be confident that the Bali Body oil is fast drying and doesn’t cause any clogging or drying of the skin, making it perfect for any occasion. This shimmering oil is especially ideal after applying the Ultra Dark Self Tan (if a summer holiday is not on the horizon for the near future) to enhance the glow and goddess-like feel and look to your skin.

Bali Body Product Review


The latest addition to my Bali Body collection are these beautifully formulated highlighter sticks. The cream to matte formula blends well on to the skin for the use on the nose, cheek bones and the cupid bow as well as use on your body like your collar bone and the end of your shoulders. This soft and seamless highlighter comes in three glamourous shades – Moonlit, Rose Gold and Sunkissed. There is a shade for everyone depending on what type of highlight you want in your beauty routine. This light reflecting highlighter is great for any look, day or night and is great for even the most natural looks. I personal love it worn on its own with just my Bali Body BB cream as a base. The Bali Body Highlighter sticks are a perfect product to add to your holiday makeup bag or your normal day time routine to add just that little bit of glow to your day (even if you are at home).


Bali Body is a perfect brand to use on your summer holidays, as well as in your day to day beauty routine. With so much uncertainty in regards to when we can all be free to travel and go holiday again, don’t forget you can still enjoy your gardens and public parks (don’t congregate in groups and keep your 2m distance from others) because getting some fresh air is important if done in a cautious manner. Using these products and adding them to your normal routine is a great self-care act within your beauty routine. Catching your reflection in the mirror when you are wondering the house and seeing your healthy and glowy skin can do wonders for your mental health and confidence. Alternatively, pin this post or bookmark their website for such times when hopefully we can all book vacations and shop for our holiday beauty essentials. Bali Body products are some of the best holiday products I’ve used and are my go -to every time.

Have you used Bali Body products before?

Pinar xo


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  1. Silvia says:

    It looks like worthy a try ?

  2. Derya says:

    Love this brand! Can’t wait to try some of their other products!

  3. Lenka says:

    Thank you for such a comprehensive review. I like the idea of using the body oil after applying the self tan. x

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