Crownbrush UK Makeup | Review

June 11, 2018
Crownbrush UK Review

Crownbrush UK Review

You may have seen on my instagram stories that I have mentioned Crownbrush UK a few times. Last month Crownbrush UK kindly sent me a variety of makeup items that I have been fortunate enough to use over the past few weeks. Before receiving these lovely items, I had seen Crownbrush floating around on my Instagram feed and on Youtube where other bloggers had shared their reviews of the products they had tried.

When I received all these amazing bits, I was like a little kid in a candy store! You may have read or seen me mention all this year that I am on a makeup/ beauty buying ban as we have been in the process of renovating our new home so I have been saving and using my money for this. As you can imagine, this has been extremely hard for me as I am a massive beauty junkie and receiving these products was a breath of fresh air as I was able to try and use BRAND NEW makeup and not just a new brand!

Crownbrush UK Makeup & Brush Review

Over the past few weeks all the products I received have now firmly situated themselves into my makeup routine and now I am going to share with you all why I loved using these products!


So you can all see what products I received in one place, here is a list of the items I now have in my makeup collection :

I apologise if the list above has just made your makeup wish list longer!

Crownbrush Uk Contour Palette Review


This pressed powder contour palette has a variety of shades that covers most skin tones. My skin tone is a yellow tone/olive skin so the lighter shades are great from creating a subtle highlight and coverage on top of my liquid foundation and concealer. The darker shades are great to use from contouring the face and neck. I used an angled contour brush to lightly sweep over two or three of the colours to create a deeper looking contouring for a full makeup look. But for a natural everyday look, one of the darker shades would be enough to create a little shadow on under the cheek bones, forehead and temples and even little across the jawline.

This contour palette has now become my go to contouring palette and has actually replaced my ABH palette, which was always my ride or die, but now I have this palette and a better choice of shades, it makes creating my base so much easier.

Crownbrush UK Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette


This gorgeous Rose Gold eyeshadow palette is just the perfect palette for me. I love browny/pinky and warmer tones when I’m creating eye looks and this palette just ticks all the boxes for me. With a variety of highly pigmented matte and shimmer colours, you can create so many natural and warm tone looks, either an everyday look with the lighter shades or spice it up a bit with the vibrant warmer shades. I have loved playing around with the palette and love how easy the colour blend and smooth out on the eye lids. They also blend together very well making it very easy to create any look you want. The texture of both the matte and the simmer shadows are soft and easily picked up by any makeup brush with minimal fall out, which is great when you don’t want to be

Crownbrush UK Rose Gold Eyeshadow

Below are some swatches of each row so you can have a feel of what each shade looks like. These have been applied using the Crownbrush UK C510 Pro Oval Shader Brush.

Crownbrush UK Palette

Row 1

Crownbrush UK Palette

Row 2

Crownbrush UK Palette

Row 3

Crownbrush UK Palette

Row 4

Crownbrush UK Palette

Row 5

Crownbrush UK Review


I have too many makeup brushes, but I always reach for my favourites and ones that I am confident using. These brushes look very professional and fit into my collection very well. They are all so easy to use and the two eyeshadow brushes are extremely soft and easy to guide.

C320 Pro Precision Pointed Powder Brush is a pointed power dome brush that is perfect for applying powder products. This brush is combination of sable and goat fibres of the highest quality which makes it very gentle on the skin and doesn’t remove any product you already have on the face. I have being using it to apply the lighter shades of the contour palette as well as my power foundation and really like the finish it gives to my makeup.
C511 Pro Blending Fluff Brush is also made with goat hair fibres which makes this brush great for picking up the eyeshadow and blending it gentle on the eye lid with minimal fall out of product. Using this blending brush you can achieve a medium to full coverage of blended colour and great for adding colour into the crease of the lid and blending it to a seamless finish.
C510 Pro Oval Shader Brush has a dense flat head which makes the brush great for adding different shadows to one look or even to add highlight to the brow bones or cleaning up the edges of the eyeshadow and eyebrow powder and pencils to create a flawless finish.

Crownbrush UK Lipstick Review


I am a huge fan of lipstick, I love dark shades, natural shades, pink tones and reds! Reds are my go to for confidence and when I am going out I love how they just seem to last all night on my lips!

These two Crownbrush UK lipstick are so sophisticated looking in a plain and simple lipstick packaging. Both colours are beautiful and colours that I would wear with any makeup look.

Crownbrush UK Lipstick Review

First, let’s start off with this vibrant and bold red lipstick. Seduction, is a matte red lipstick that is soft and creamy and there is no messing around with how pigmented this colour is! The texture is very soft and moisturising on the lips and stayed on my lips for hours with our smearing or cracking. I have loved having another go-to red lipstick in my collection and would highly recommend this to anyone that loves a good and long-lasting red lip.
Now lets talk about Girl Talk. This is also a matte lipstick, a dusky-mauve tone lip colour that is also bold and moisturising. This colour is great for everyday or for an evening look. I have tried both and even wore this lipstick with no makeup and it still looked great. If you like more vibrant pink shades then this one is one for you and has also firm wedged its way into my go to lipsticks.

Crownbrush UK Makeup Review

This is one of the many looks I created using the Crownbrush makeup and brushes. I really enjoyed trying and reviewing these products and I will definitely be purchasing some bits once I’ve completed my ban. The prices of these products are great value and such great quality, I am very impressed with this brand.

How you used anything from Crownbrush UK before? What product did you like reading about in my review?

Pinar xo

*this post contains PR samples

4 responses to “Crownbrush UK Makeup | Review”

  1. Yiota says:

    I have seen this brand before and I read great reviews. The rose gold palette is gorgeous, beautiful shades!!! You look amazing in that red lipstick, so pretty!! x


    • Pinar says:

      So had I before I received these lovely bits. This rose gold palette has been my go to the last few weeks. Aww thank you so much! I love a red lipstick 🙂 xo

  2. Steph Dring says:

    I love the eye palette, such wearable colours. I’ve been looking for a new nude palette. I’ve recently been trying the Maybelline The Burgundy Bar palette and honestly not impressed.

    Steph x

    • Pinar says:

      Its hard to find a go to palette of nude colours, I always find some are not pigmented enough or don’t last on the lid. I was very impressed with this one..xo

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