A Daily Self-care Routine In Isolation

April 9, 2020

Some of us like a routine (I personally thrive on a routine) I like to know what I need to do and have done by the end of the day, but if I don’t get it done, I know it’s OK and can complete it another day. During this unprecedented time, it can be a struggle to stay calm and know what to do and how to plan your time at home, especially if you are working from home and have young kids running around.

Here are a few tips and tasks I have been following to keep a good routine at home and to help manage my anxiety during this difficult time.




Wake up at a good time, don’t be tempted to lay in too late (some days are harder than others!)

Start the day with a good and healthy drink. A lemon and ginger tonic is my go-to, as recommended by Lydia Millen and her Reflexologist, here is the link to a recipe I use.

Meditation, I have been meditating for the past two years and honestly it has changed my life and my thought process. It allows me to manage my stress, depression and anxiety better and is a great escapism even if you just do a 10-minute guided meditation. My favourite mindfulness app is Calm. In my opinion it’s the best!

The morning is also the best time to get some exercise in, whether you want to do a HIIT or weighted circuit, Yoga and Pilates or even go out for a run (in a safe space of course).


Make yourself a healthy and hearty breakfast, start your day right with a nutritious meal, opt for meals like porridge oats, granola, overnight oats (prep a few and leave in the fridge overnight for something quick) or a fruit smoothie. Check out The Body Coach website for some easy recipe ideas. Don’t forget to keep drinking water. I aim for 3 litres a day!

If you don’t take daily supplements, now is a good time to start as we are all getting less sunlight than we normal would and also it’s a great way to boost your immune system and keep your body well enough to fight off illness.



After a simple and easy start to the morning, now is the time to open up that laptop, if you are working from home. Check your e-mails, set yourself a time limit and make sure to schedule in some breaks throughout your work day.


If you are a stay at home parent, take this time to schedule in some fun activities with the kids, go for a walk, play games, puzzles, read or watch your favourite film with healthy snacks. Schedule in some learning time, use work books, resources on the internet and get the arts and craft out. Don’t worry too much about becoming a strict and organised teacher, they will be fine learning whatever you have in to teach them. I personally have been keeping it simple and teaching them things like the maths timetable, comprehension and reading, card games, art projects and baking. So far, we haven’t got bored!


If the weather is good, get outside, go for a walk in a safe space for an hour, get the kids on their bikes or scooters and have a nice walk in the fresh air and sunshine. It will do wonders for your mood and get those happy endorphins moving through your body. This will motivate you to be more productive when you get back home too!

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space to enjoy, get outside, either schedule your breaks there or have the door open and let the kids flow in and out (an extra room allows you to enjoy time together and have some time apart). Don’t forgot your sunscreen! Even if it’s cloudy make sure you and the kids are sun creamed up to protect your skin and if its sunny get hats on the kids.

Use this opportunity of all being home to sit down for all your meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner. This social time with one another will allow you to chat about your day and plan what exciting things you want to do later in the week or plan the rest of your day.


If you have time to fill in your day, think of a hobby you have always wanted to focus more of your time on; reading, painting, sewing,

Find a new recipe to try and get baking.

Find time to sit with a hot drink and read a couple of chapters of that book you have been meaning to finish.

Start a journal, find time to write down your thoughts, if you are feeling anxious at this time or have any other emotional feelings, get them down on paper, this is the best form of therapy when you are stuck at home.

Facetime your family and friends, check in on loved ones and connect with them through Facetime calls. This will help you keep in touch with your family and allow you to not feel so alone and see that everyone else is in the same position as you.


Use this opportunity to focus on that skincare routine, no matter how simple it is, start one and stick to it morning and evening. Give your skin a break from makeup and let your skin breathe. With all the water you will be drinking and the regular skin care routine, you will be surprised to see how amazing your skin could look and feel. Start today! Check out some of my skin care blog posts here and here for an example of a simple yet effective AM and PM skincare routine. If you need some more inspiration for a new and simple skincare routine check out Cult Beauty and their informative blogs and easy to shop website.

The most important things to remember is don’t stress, stay calm and stay at home! Don’t worry if you don’t stick to a strict daily routine, enjoy the time to rest and have a break. Give yourself an hour or even, if you need it, a day and then start again. The kids will be fine, the house can be cleaned another time. Don’t think that being home 24/7 you have to be doing something, enjoy this time and make it a positive experience. Remember stay home and save lives.

I hope this post helps anyone who needs some positivity at this time. Do let me know if you want me to share more posts like this in the comments below.

Until next time,

Pinar xo


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