Mindful Skincare: Looking After Your Skin

July 27, 2021
Mindful Skincare Routine

Let’s be honest, you can spend as much or as little as you want buying skincare but whether you are a skincare junkie or ‘stick to the basics’ kind of person, using skincare mindfully can be a game changer. Mindful skincare may sound like some yogic approach to something pretty basic but actually, being mindful with your skincare and your routine can be so beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Firstly, you should be doing your skincare daily, morning and evening, both for different purposes. Your morning routine should be to clean, refresh, moisturise and protect; your evening routine is to deep clean, rejuvenate and moisturise. How is this mindful you ask? Well, being mindful is to be consciously aware of the present moment, in this case your skincare. Keeping a consistent skincare regime helps to keep the skin healthy, protected as well as slowing down the ageing process naturally occurring in and on the skin.

A daily skincare routine can allow you to take some time out of your day to sit and focus on you, to be in the present moment, even if it is only for a few minutes. Taking care of your skin, is an act of selfcare, looking after yourself can boost your mood quite quickly. Taking this time to do a skincare routine allows you to focus the mind on how you are feeling in that moment. A good indictor of how mindful skincare works is if you sit down ready to do your routine, just take a few moments to check in with how you feel, mentally and physically. Write it down if it helps. Then again after you’re finished, see how you feel. More than likely, you will feel a boost in your mood, because your mind has been focused on an activity in the present and this has allowed your mind and body to resync and what ever was on your mind before has dissolved and been replaced with making yourself (and your skin feel good).


Just to give another example of how I use my time with skincare I want to share my basic daily skincare routine.

In the morning, I am not ready to face the world until I’ve had a cup of water and a soya latte, I like to sit and reflect on how I’m feeling, just for a few minutes. I then need to do my skincare routine. Now, you don’t have to sit there in silence with your thoughts, you can put on some music or the radio. It’s all about being there in the present. I like to listen to some soothing instrumental music while I’m doing my skincare. I start with using a facial wash to wash my face and neck to refresh and wake up my skin. I then pat dry slightly, leaving it a little damp ready for a thorough spritz of my hydrating facial toner. I then apply my Hyaluronic Acid serum and give it a minute of two to absorb. Already I feel clean, refreshed and surprisingly energised. I then apply a Vitamin C serum which helps to brighten and even my skin and I love the way my skin looks and feels. I then follow with a light and hydrating day cream-gel (I have oily skin) and finish with a good amount of broad-spectrum SPF 50 all over my face, neck and ears. This routine takes me no longer than 5 minutes or a little longer if I take my time. At the end I feel ready to start my day because, my skincare is done, I’ve checked in with how I’m feeling and I’m OKAY. I’m ready to get my day going.

Mindfulness with Skincare


I approach my evening skincare very different to my morning routine. At this point I’m desperate for this time to shower or if I’m not too tired, a bath, where I then follow with my evening skincare. My evening skincare routine is my favourite time of day. I sit and check in with how I’m feeling (which is usually tired) I feel physically cleansed after having a shower and then when I start my double cleanse, I feel so happy to be cleansing my face of the day. I start by using an oil to milk balm cleanser which I therapeutically massage all over my face, eyes and neck for a few minutes. I like to close my eyes as I do this as it feels like a self-massage where I just focus on how my face is feeling (I hold a lot of tension in my face and neck so this helps me a lot). I then use warm water and a micro fibre face cloth to gentle wipe away the build up of dirt, pollution, sun-cream and makeup from the day. There is something very satisfying about watching it all dissolve away. I then follow with my second cleanse, a facial cleansing wash to then cleanse the skin. If this alone doesn’t make you feel clean and relaxed, you are not doing it right. I then, while my skin is still damp, apply my Hyaluronic Acid and my skin soaks it up like a sponge! I then use one of my actives in a form or a liquid toner or serum. I alternate between retinol, glycolic or a hybrid focused serum. I then finish with a rejuvenating eye cream and either a night cream or a few drops of facial oil. My skin feels so clean and replenished and in turn I feel relaxed. I take note of how I feel and because of this feeling, my evening routine becomes a part of my day that I really look forward to and makes me feel good and happy with myself.

Like I said before, you don’t need to spend lots of money on your skincare for it to be a mindful process. Using a basic routine is more than enough to help you be mindful and focus on your skin while being in the present moment. This act of selfcare and mindfulness practice will very quickly become habitual and you’ll be surprised how good it will make you feel, even if it is for a short period of time. It’s a way to treat yourself with kindness and non-judgement. Mindful skincare shouldn’t be a chore but a part of your daily routine, and a good routine to get into if you struggle with traditional methods of mindfulness like meditation. It is your opportunity to sit down, take a moment to come back to the present moment and show compassion to yourself and really take the few minutes here to check in with how you are feeling, acknowledge it and then let it go. Using a skincare routine to act as a way of healing or just to settle your mind can do wonders for your mental and physical health as well as your skin.

Do you treat your time with skincare as an act of mindfulness?

Let me know if you do or if you try it and how it makes you feel.

Until next time,

Pinar xo


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