February & March Beauty Empties

April 29, 2020
Empty Beauty Product Reviews

With all that has been going on and our normal daily routines being thrown out the window (stay at home people) I forgot to share my beauty empties post for February. So, here I am combining the last two months’ worth of beauty empties together. Shockingly, there wasn’t a lot so this won’t be one mega long post (well I hope not).

This list of empties contains a mix of my favourites that have been repurchased many times and new products that have been purchased by me or gifted by brands. I’ll be sure to mention which category each product falls under for full transparency with my review of each beauty product.

The products I will be reviewing and sharing in this month’s empties post are:


Some of these products are in my daily and weekly routines and honestly, I have or will be repurchasing them as they have become a staple in my skincare collection.


I have recently been lucky enough to work with Bali Body and I wrote a post recently called Glow with Bali Body where I reviewed all my favourites from them. This bottle however is one I purchased myself before the collaboration and honestly it is one of my favourite self-tanning mousses! The colour guide is perfect for new self-tanners and the colour that develops is so deep and natural that any novice self-tanner doesn’t have to worry about streaks or an uneven tan. The colour is a golden bronze, nowhere near the orange tan you get with other, cheaper brands. This is one I’ve purchased and will continue to repurchase every time. I will say one thing, however, that the colour guide does transfer to clothing and bedding after application but does wash out easily, however the amazing and long-lasting tan, develops and lasts for days so it is worth the little mess. If you want something a little low key, then another tanning product I rotate this with is the St. Tropez Purity Range (which you can read more about here ). If you need some tips and tricks to achieve the best tan application, I have written a post called How to achieve the perfect sunless tan. This is a fail-proof method for any level of tanner out there to create the most natural and even tan.


This was a purchase that I made after being influenced on Instagram. The brand OUAI is one that has grown very popular and the hype is real. Currently, I’m using their Shampoo and Conditioner for volume, the leave in conditioner and another bottle of this wave spray I repurchased.

My hair is naturally curly and even though it is fine, it can become frizzy and flat. This Ouai Wave Spray helps to bounce my curls back up and keep them more defined. With the Ouai signature fragrance my hair smells good all the time too. This is a must if you have unruly, wavy or curly hair.


The Playa brand is another hair care brand I have been loving lately. I first purchased their travel kit back in September for my holiday to Mallorca, where I needed travel sized products for my long weekend away. I purchased this set for £35 on Cult Beauty and it came in a very nice clear Instagram approved zip bag. I used the bag for beach days and evenings out. This oil lasted me a long time as a small amount went a long way. I originally loved this hair oil because of the protection it gave me in the sun. When I returned from my holiday it became my hair treatment, where once a week I would apply this oil to wet hair and let it dry. My hair would feel soft and frizz free, plus this is another haircare brand that has a gorgeous signature scent that fills me with all those summer feels. I will be repurchasing this product soon for my next holiday.


If you read my blog you have probably seen me talk about the Pixi Vitamin C range a hell of a lot, so I’ll keep this short. This lightweight brightening lotion is perfect to boast the radiance in your skin as well as help even out textured skin. I loved using this lotion, a small amount went such a long way and it lasted a very long time. For a full review of this product check out a more in my full review here.


This is another skincare product that I rave about. This is my 5th bottle and I have another one on the go already! This game changer of a skin care product is my go-to every other evening. A staple in my PM skincare routine, this glycolic acid toner helps to even my skin, fade my acne scars and keeps my skin looking bright and youthful. I see 100 percent of results with each use and is not a product I will be giving up easily. Don’t be put off by the price tag either, every penny is worth it and the bottle lasts a long time.


The Ordinary brand is one of my favourite affordable skincare brands that I frequently purchase on Cult Beauty. This salicylic acid is one of my favourites. It’s perfect to use on problem areas on the whole body as well as the face. Anytime I have a blemish, I dab a small amount on occasionally and within a couple of days it’s gone. Salicylic acid is your best friend if you have spots or acne, trust me. My skin loves this product and is on my list to repurchase next.


The Good Molecules Overnight Exfoliating Treatment, another amazing product from this affordable skincare brand. With my favourite AHA, this product was gifted to me by the brand but I will be purchasing this myself as I loved it so much. I actually used this on my body, my arms, back and thighs because of my acne scarring and regular application of this exfoliating treatment has helped to lighten the scarring and, in some areas, its faded completely. Good Molecules is another brand I have been working with over the past year, I’m yet to try a product of theirs that doesn’t wow me! Check them out on BeautyLish.



Inkey List is a relatively new brand I have been trying out. I was kindly gifted this toner after one of their Skin Consultants recommended it at an event that I attended at the beginning of the year. I used this toner continuously for 2 months but I’m sad to report that I did not see any difference in my skin. PHA is a gentler alternative to AHA like glycolic but honestly my skin didn’t see any improvement. However, this hasn’t put me off the brand as I’m still using some of the other bits I was gifted and love them. They will be in next month’s empties as they are not quite finished with yet.

So, there it is, my beauty empties from February and March and I’m still shocked how little this list is compared to previous months.

Do let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Until next time,

Pinar xo


*includes gifted items




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