Why You Need Vitamin C In Your Skincare

October 24, 2019

Affordable Vitamin C Skincare

When I think Vitamin C it makes me think oranges every time! Growing up, it was always ‘drink your orange juice, you need your Vitamin C’. Over the past few years, healthy eating has become more than a trend, its become a lifestyle, from a morning smoothie to a vegan dinner full of veggies. I have always been a lover of eating fresh fruit and vegetables as well as taking daily supplements to keep my energy levels up and prevent my migraines. One of the biggest trends this year within the beauty industry was Vitamin C within skincare. We always get told to look after our bodies by eating a healthy balanced diet full of minerals and vitamins yet we forget our skin, our largest organ and the only one that is external which needs extra care. Yes, eating well and keeping hydrated internally will help your skin look amazing and your organs healthy, but we also need to remember to feed our skin from the outside by using the right skincare.


This is where PIXI skincare comes into play. Earlier this year I was researching into how I could expand my daily skincare routine to include a product/s to help brighten and even my skin tone. Now a little background into my skin types and skin concerns – I have a combination/oily skin in my t-zone (across my forehead, nose and chin) I have also developed clogged pores around my jawline and the centre of my face which has probably become my main concern as I am always exfoliating and using clay masks, but this continues to be an issue for me. While I was doing my research I came across PIXI’s new skincare range, Skin Treats Vitamin-C and while I was doing my monthly toiletry shop in Boots I picked up the PIXI Vitamin-C Tonic. I wanted to use a simple product that was gentle enough to use daily and this is where my love for PIXI products developed and they kindly sent me over their whole Vitamin-C range a few months later.

This post is dedicated to this whole range of Vitamin C goodness! If you are a skincare novice, this is a good post for you to read if you want to start introducing Vitamin C skincare into a simple routine. Just remember, just because you see beauty junkies sharing their whole collection of skincare and beauty products it doesn’t mean we use it all in one sitting. Your skin is like your appetite you have to listen to your skin and feed it the skincare that it needs, when it needs it. This doesn’t mean you need the whole range, start with a product you know you can easily fit into your normal day/night routine to make it easier for you to adjust to a new product. Another tip with trying new skincare is don’t give up too quickly. Give your skin and the product time to get to know each other and for your skin to show the benefits. This could be instant or it could take 6 weeks, don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes longer than just a few days. If you need a whole new skincare routine, these 5 products alone are a great place to start.

Vitamin C Skincare

Vitamim-C Juice Cleanser

The first step of any good skincare routine whether you are a novice or a skincare professional is a good cleanser. Yes, there are many different types and textures, check out my post on how to find the right cleanser/s for your skin type here. The Pixi Skin Treats Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser is a liquid formula to brighten and gently cleanse the face and neck. This easy to use cleanser doesn’t require any water and has an easy to use/apply cap to ensure you don’t waste or over pour the cleansing liquid onto you cotton pad. This refreshing and light citrus scented cleanser of orange blossom and grapefruit is suitable for all skin types to ensure that the skin is left clean, smooth and radiant in preparation for the next step in the AM or/and PM skincare routine.

Personally, I usually prefer to use cleansing facial washes as I like the way my skin feels after the use of water. However, I loved incorporating this cleanser into my ‘double cleanse’ routine and used this product along side my usual facial wash. This worked perfectly for my skin which helped clear blemishes and keep my skin looking luminous because it was having an extra clean.

Vitamin-C Tonic

Lets talk about the product that made me fall in love with Pixi skincare, the Vitamin-C Tonic. This toner has to be one of the best toners I’ve ever used on my skin, I noticed straight away that my complexion had a glow and my blemishes were reducing, including those clogged pores. The more I use this product the more I notice an improvement in my skin and the reduction of acne scars, which makes my skin look more even and smooth. Again, this product can be used morning and evening to help tone and energise your face and neck. I will always make sure to have a bottle of this on my skincare vanity.

Vitamin-C Serum

The chances are if you have been reading about Vitamin C in skincare, you would have seen it in a serum form. Vitamin C serums have been a big skincare trend this year and honestly I can see why. I first started using the Pixi Vitamin-C Serum when I went away in August to London for the weekend. I only brought with me a few skincare essentials but this bottle came along as I wanted to see if it helped add radiance to my skin as I only planned to use a BB cream and light makeup while away. I wanted a natural illuminating look from my skincare and I took a chance on using this serum as a part of my weekend away skincare routine. Well, this serum didn’t disappoint! Rarely do I see an instant change in my skin when I first start using a new skincare product, this serum surprised me! Even now after months of using this product I still see the same results, with every application, my skin looks luminous and has a natural glow that makes me look like a goddess! After adding this product to my skincare collection I can see why the beauty community rave about Vitamin-C Serums. I have tried a few Vitamin C serums over the past few years, most of them oxidate within a few weeks and the potency of the serum becomes less effective resulting in a brownish looking serum that is unusable. This Pixi Vitamin-C Serum has not followed suit and is still rocking on perfectly because of its good quality packaging!

Vitamin-C Lotion

Moisturisers. I feel like this skincare product is my nemesis, finding the right moisturiser for my skin, whether its day or night is always such difficult process of trial and error. I wrote a post sharing a Moisturising 101 with tips and recommendation from my Skincare Specialist days if you need some advice in this department. Over the years I have tried so many and wasted a whole lot of money but now I have a small collection of my go-to’s that I can rely on. I’m not going to lie, I was extremely nervous to try the Pixi Vitamin-C Lotion as the other products set the bar so high and my heart has been broken by skincare products in the past and I really wanted to love this product. It took me a while to make a decision on this product as the results were not as instant as the other products in the range. There were of course pros and cons. The pros were, the texture was light, the scent was fresh and citrusy and the texture/fomulation didn’t break me out. Over time using this as a day lotion with another SPF product on top, my skin looked radiant and I liked the way it made my skin soft and smooth. The only negative comment I have about this product is that it doesn’t have an SPF within the formula which for me, I like a day lotion to include one so I don’t have to add another product on top. Thats just me wanting to be lazy. As a day/night cream it gets a 10 from me!

Vitamin-C Cavier Balm

Lastly, the Pixi Skin Treats Vitamin-C Cavier Balm is a type of skincare product I have not used before. This Cavier Balm is a brightening leave-on mask with potent antioxidant power which helps promote collagen production for a youthful looking skin. This isn’t a product I use all the time but a product I use once or twice a month as a treat for my skin. As I have an oilier skin, I don’t like the idea of leaving a mask on so I only apply a thin layer of an evening as an overnight mask and then I proceed with my usual morning routine when I wake up in the morning. Using this product as an overnight mask works well for me and I wake up with a natural glow and well rested looking skin.


Vitamin-C skincare is for anyone with any skin type and of any age. This Pixi collection is also Vegan, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Alcohol Free. The key ingredients within the formulation of these products are:

  1. Vitamin C (of course) – to brighten the skin’s complexion
  2. Ferulic Acid – to provide Antioxidant protection daily
  3. Probiotics – to strengthen and balance the skin

Of course, finding the right balance between eating well and a good skincare routine will benefit your skin from the inside out. Everyone and every skin is different so you may not see the benefits straight away but keep at it, you will be glad you stuck to it when you wake up every morning with clear skin that has a natural glow and looks amazing!

I hope this post was useful for anyone that may have been thinking about incorporating Vitamin C skincare into their routine or if you are a beginner that needed a little guidance and advice on how and where to start with finding an easy to use and beneficial skincare routine for you.

Have you tried Pixi Skin Treats Vitamin-C Collection? Let me know in the comments your thoughts on Vitamin C in skincare.

Pinar xo


*this post contains PR samples


4 responses to “Why You Need Vitamin C In Your Skincare”

  1. Derya says:

    Sounds amazing! Such pretty packaging too!

  2. Natonya says:

    Hey Pinar! Thank you for thoroughly explaining each product. I like vitamin C because it really fades my acne scars. I have sensitive skin so I wouldn’t leave the Caviar Balm on too long either, maybe no longer than 20 minutes but that is something I’m willing to try. I also am interested in the juice cleanser, seems like a quick way to sneak in vitamin c too! Thanks for sharing this awesome collection with us👏🏾

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com

    • Pinar says:

      Hi Natonya, Thank you so much for reading 🙂

      I’m so pleased I discovered the Vitamin C toner and learnt that Vitamin C in skincare is great for fading scars and acne.

      Let me know if you try any of the products!

      Pinar x

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