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February 7, 2019
Day and Night Creams


Using a daily moisturiser can do wonders for your skin. I wanted to share this post as I love using a moisturiser every morning and again at bedtime and I really see a difference.

There are so many different types of day creams and night creams available which can make it daunting when selecting the right products to include in your skincare routine.

I have a small selection of moisturisers, day and night, that have different purposes depending on what my skin needs. This of course isn’t necessary to start with, but over time once you get used to a simple routine of moisturising daily you can grow your skincare collection to include a variety of products to accommodate your skin concerns, whatever they may be.

Clinique Day Cream


Everyone has different skin concerns, as we all have different skin types, skin conditions and lifestyle factors. Just a simple check of how your skin looks and feels can determine what moisturiser is good for your skin.

The first things to check for is whether your skin needs any of the following:

  1. Hydration
  2. Added Moisture
  3. Oil control
  4. Calming sensitivity
  5. Anti-ageing – prevention and mature skin

Most of us will have more than one concern, for example my main skin concerns are oil-control and anti-ageing prevention.

Clarins Night Cream


Now that you know what your skin concerns are, the next step is to select the type of product your skin needs. This is where you need to do some research on products before you buy. Here are the types of moisturisers that are usually available for different skin types-

  1. Lotions
  2. Creams
  3. Gels
  4. Balms

Each have a different texture so you need to find one that works for you and one you are comfortable using. Here are some examples:

For dry skin – these products are usually a cream or a balm as a slightly thicker texture is more nourishing and moisturising for a drier skin.

For oily/combination skin – these prosecute are usually a lighter texture like gels and lotions that will often be oil-free and lighter on the skin.

For sensitive skin – most calming moisturisers tend to be a comforting balm or cream to help keep the skin protected and nourished.

For dehydrated skin – can be all of the above!

Ester Lauder Day Cream


Now this is optional but having a separate day and night cream is a good way to help your skin with more than one skincare concern. Having two different products to help with two different concerns can help protect and aid your skin.

Day creams are essential to help protect the skin, hydrate, smooth and helps to prepare your skin for makeup products (if you use them). I like to use one that has an SPF or use an SPF on top of my moisturiser (a post for another time I think as I use an SPF everyday!!)

Night creams are my favourite and are essential for skin renewal, protection, anti-ageing (if you want it) and nourishing. As we sleep our skin has a natural renewal cycle and using a great night cream that can support this will give you a radiant, smooth and even complexion.

Here is an example of my moisturising regime –

I have a combination/ oily skin so in my morning skincare routine I use a lotion/gel moisturiser, this is oil-free and will keep my skin matte and shine free most of the day. This light texture will help protect my skin, moisturise it as well as help my makeup stay in place for the day.

Of an evening, my skincare routine includes a night cream, an anti-ageing product that targets prevention of fine lines. Even though I have an oilier skin, I don’t mind a slightly creamer texture of moisturiser, as this helps comfort my skin. Also I’m only going to bed and I will be washing/cleansing my face in the morning with my morning skincare routine.

I have used a day and night cream everyday for over 10 years and on those few days that I may have skipped using a moisturiser I definitely noticed a difference. I can’t live without my moisturisers; they are firmly in my daily skincare routine.

I hope this post helps you decide what type of moisturiser is good for you and helps you with your own skincare routine.

What moisturisers do you love, please share with me in the comments?

Pinar xo


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