My 4 Go-To Makeup Primers & Essentials

January 22, 2019
Makeup Essentials
Makeup Essentials

Sometimes investing in some makeup extras like primers and setting products can enhance the look and endurance of your daily makeup. I have a large selection of makeup primers for different skin concerns but I wanted to share my four go-to primers and setting products that help me achieve a flawless and radiant complexion.

Makeup Primers Oily Skin


This post will benefit anyone who has an oily or combination skin. If I don’t use specific primers/makeup products my makeup won’t last 5 minutes and will start to slide off or even worse, crease and makes my skin appear older than I am.

Unfortunately, a combination of too many ‘mattifying’ makeup products can on the flip side create the same problems of creasing and more likely, a dull and dry complexion for someone with oily skin – nobody wants that! This doesn’t mean you need a whole drawer full of products either but just be mindful of how much product you are applying and have a play with what works for your skin. If you are a beauty junkie you will know makeup is a game of trial and error and we have all invested in makeup trends/popular products and its just not worked for us like it does others – the struggle is real!

Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Quotes


Clarins Primer

This Clarins primer has actually been reformulated and renamed as Clarins SOS Primer. Once I have finished my bottle I will be purchasing the new primer in the shade 02 Peach, I’ve tried a sample and it’s the closest match to my current primer shade.

This primer can be worn on its own and under or over your foundation. The Clarins SOS primer (formally Instant Light Complexion Illuminating Base) helps to reduce redness and even skin tone on the skin. The formula also includes the Clarins anti-pollution complex to help protect the skin from every day environmental damage (great if you work in the city or outside).

I apply one pump onto the back of my hand and use my fingers to lightly sweep and press across my red areas; around my nose and chin. This product allows my skin to look radiant and smooth, reducing the amount of redness on my face. It is a lightweight texture, which is great for an oilier skin type and you can control how much you apply. I find it’s best to apply a primer before foundation as it helps to use less foundation coverage in those areas.

Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base

The Chanel primer has been my favourite makeup primer for many years now; it was actually my sister is the one that introduced it to me! I have a full review of the product here (if you want a more detailed description of the product and how to use it).

I tend to use the Le Blanc De Chanel primer when I’m creating a full face of makeup, I use one pump and press it into my skin, all over my face. It is an oil-free and lightweight product that can easily be applied before your makeup or worn on its own. I usually use my fingers or a beauty sponge to press it into my skin. It leaves my skin looking radiant and glowy and my foundation always looks so much better with this primer underneath.

RCMA No-Color Powder

So I once saw Jaclyn use this product, so I went and bought this makeup product!! And I’m so glad I did!! I always set my makeup with a translucent setting powder, I have to otherwise my makeup definitely doesn’t stay put, my jaw line and upper lip are the worst if I don’t set it! In the past I have used various brands of setting powder and honestly, none of them work as well as this one does! The worst ones are the ones that have a flashback in photos…erghh! I’ve had some great photos out with the girls ruined by the face glowing white in a group photo…its not ideal! The RCMA no- color powder is a loose powder which I actually sprinkle onto a clean tissue to use; I’m sure you could invest in a foundation application palette (I’m yet to do this and I say it every time I use it I will buy one!)

I will use a soft eye blender brush or a beauty sponge to apply a small amount onto the areas I don’t want to budge; chin, upper lip, eye area. I also use this powder for ‘baking’ my makeup (another thing I have picked up from Jaclyn!) I’ve had this bottle for a long time as it last for ages, its worth the invest 100%.

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

The NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray is a product I use every time I apply my makeup, I use it before my primer and after I have finished my makeup to set it. It’s soft and gentle on the skin and the spray is so even on application, it’s so easy to use. I love this setting spray so much I am actually too scared to try another brand incase I don’t like it as much! This product is great for making my makeup last all day and is one I will always repurchase and have in my makeup bag.


All four products above are formulated for all skin types/combinations and oily skin. I find that this combination of products help me achieve a radiant and semi-matte complexion that stops my skin from looking greasy and oily throughout the day aswell as making my skin look healthy and glowing.

I will say however, that makeup can only do so much to help with the way your skin looks whilst wearing makeup. I always say that a good skincare routine is vital for good skin and preparation for your makeup. A well cleansed and moisturised skin will allow your makeup to go on smoother and last longer. A good skincare routine will also protect your skin from breakouts and uneven skin, which can occur if you don’t protect your skin and remove makeup properly at bedtime. If you need some advice on what you should be including in your daily skincare routine, check out my posts here and here for what I do morning and evening.

What are your go-to makeup primers and essentials to ensure your makeup look is on point?

Pinar xo


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