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June 22, 2020
Cohorted x This Works Beauty Box Review

It’s 9pm on Friday night, and I’m sat in bed writing this blog post. I am one exhausted mama! My kids are in bed, my house is clean and tidy and my husband is watching football (I did not miss football being on the tele at all!) I haven’t been able to write for a couple of weeks now, juggling home-schooling with everything else is becoming more stressful and I find myself counting down the minutes until I get the kids to bed and I can have a little time to myself.

I’m currently in my pyjamas watching Eat Pray Love (one of my favourite films) layered in This Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon and wondering to myself why I put this luxurious and amazing smelling body cream on now, it makes me feel calm and relaxed, I’ve never been so ready to lay down and sleep. I’m exhausted!

So, when I received this month’s Cohorted Subscription Box, a collaboration with This Works, I knew I needed to schedule in more me-time and remember that I’m not just mum but I’m Pinar and I need to take care of myself. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is my favourite bedtime ritual. A few sprays of this Lavender and Chamomile spray on my pillow is my go-to when I’m in need of a good night’s sleep, knowing I will wake up refreshed ready to have another crazy and busy day at home with my kids.


This Works is a brand dedicated to a special science behind a range of clean and targeted skincare and wellness solutions for 24 hours of skincare essentials. All their products use natural actives and botanical oils and are 100% natural therapeutic fragrances (everything smells so calming and relaxing) and This Works is cruelty free too!


• Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
• Deep Sleep Body Cocoon
• My Wrinkle Midnight Moisture
• Evening Detox CBD Booster + AHA Complex
• My Wrinkles CBD Booster + Granactive Retinoid
• Stress Check Roll On
• In Transit Camera Close-Up

I’m still new to the This Works brand and I was really intrigued to try all the products in this month’s Cohorted box, especially the CBD products as I’ve not tried anything with CBD in before. This is what I like about beauty subscription boxes, they give you the opportunity to try new products and ingredients. Some of my favourite products that I still use today, I discovered in a beauty subscription box.

Cohorted and This Works Collab Review


What better way than to end the day by applying a handful of luxury beauty products to send you off to the land of nod. I’m one of those people that struggle to switch off, so I like to meditate for 10 minutes or so before I go to sleep. Before I get into bed, I apply a few sprays of Deep Sleep Pillow Spray onto my pillow, I sit and put my earphones in and follow a guided meditation on the Calm app. It’s a bedtime routine that works for me and I recommend this pillow spray to anyone who struggles to relax and switch off at bedtime, especially after a busy day.
Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is one of This Works best-selling products. An aroma-therapeutic blend of Lavender, Vetiver and Chamomile, an amazing trio that helps to calm the body and mind, easing you into a state of relaxation. Trust me, this (stuff) works! See what I did there?!
The Deep Sleep Body Cocoon is a beautiful smelling and nourishing hand and body cream. With a blend of comforting Shea Butter, Crambe, Camelia and Sativa oils giving a similar scent as the pillow spray, they make a great combination at bedtime. This cream absorbs so well, leaving the skin feeling smooth and smelling amazing. The perfect way to take some time for self-care and to nourish your skin ready for a great night’s sleep.


One of my favourite things to do at bedtime is my skincare routine. I love removing the day from my face, that clean and nourished feeling of a freshly washed face, layered gently with some amazing products that keep my skin soft, smooth and radiant. This Works My Wrinkles Midnight Moisture is an advanced retinol complex with plant based Bakuchiol (a gentler form of retinol) formulated to improve the skins radiance, its’ texture as well as those first signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. With my favourite ingredient Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin overnight. This moisturiser has a light and natural fragrance (a lighter version of the pillow spray I’d say) that feels smooth and luxurious on the skin. With every application, my skin feels soft and smooth, and I wake up with skin that looks like I’ve had the best night’s sleep.

Cohorted June Beauty Box x This Works


This easy to use roller ball is definitely something that has been missing from my life. Sometimes we forget to just stop and be in the present. We are so consumed with rushing through life (I’m guilty of this) when we want to wish the day away, it seems like a waste and its pointless stressing about what’s happened and what’s to come. The Stress Check Roll-On is a great reminder to stop, pause and take a few minutes for yourself and then press play. A super blend of essential oils like refreshing Eucalyptus to cleanse and invigorate the body and mind including mental fatigue. Plus Frankincense to relax your physical body and Lavender to help hypertension and relax all your senses. Applied onto the temples, pulse points and wrists whenever you need that time to stop and de-stress. The directions suggest applying this roller onto these points and to take 5 deep breaths. This is where mindfulness can play a part into your daily routine. These deep breaths can be just as effective as a meditation session and can clear your mind and make space for calm and clarity. This is one product I will definitely have around, especially while juggling a hectic home life at the moment.


As I mentioned above, I’ve never tried CBD products, so when I received these I was very intrigued to see what all the fuss is about. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge lover of the hemp smell but both of the boosters are very subtle in natural fragrance. These boosters can be used alone after an evening double cleanse, applying a small amount to the skin for an intensive treatment or mix 3 drops into your regular moisturiser for a more subtle and gentler effect, which is always a good idea if you are trying products like this out for the first time.
The Evening Detox CBD Booster + AHA Complex is a detox for the skin, to help reduce blemishes with 1% CBD and 15% AHA for clearer and even-looking skin. This de-congesting treatment is great for my skin type. I’m 31 and I’m still prone to outbreaks. AHA, in this product, the Lactic acids, is an ingredient that is amazing in helping the skin repair itself and give the skin a natural and healthy looking glow. This booster blends the AHA with CBD to calm and nourish, for me, this product is a ‘so far so good’ product!
The My Wrinkles CBD Booster includes Granactive Retinod, which is formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Products like these are ones that are slowly creeping into my skincare collection, to maintain youthful looking skin as my skin is starting to age (ahhh!!). This booster is something that I can easily incorporate into my routine. Both boosters are light in texture and absorb completely into the skin, making it look instantly looking smooth and radiant.


This best-selling product is one I’ve wanted to try for a long time. In Transit is a mask, moisturiser and primer in one which is formulated to plump and brighten the skin. A blend of antioxidant plant oils, Hyaluronic acid and caffeine helps to rebalance and revitalise the skin anytime and anywhere in an easy to use tube. This product smells amazing and feels so good on the skin, I’ve not tried it with makeup yet but have used it as a moisturiser when my skin has needed a pick me up. I must say it lives up to the hype. I will definitely like to keep this product in my skincare collection too.

This Works New Products


I have loved everything in this month’s (June) Cohorted Beauty Box. It’s allowed me to try more from This Works and I have loved this collaboration, it has come at such a good time. I needed this time for me and this box gave me the opportunity to remember to look after myself during this uncertain and stressful times. If like me you use skincare products as a way of self-care, then you need to try this box of ultimate holy grail products.

If you subscribe now you will receive a free gift, a full-size Nail Inc nail polish worth £15 if you use the code ‘cohortedgiftme’. Cohorted monthly subscription cost £39.99 and you definitely get a lot more for that price. Over the past few month’s I’ve received £100’s worth of products and the quality of the brands are amazing too. I can’t wait to see what is in next month’s box already.

Until next time,

Pinar xo


*gifted collaboration

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