Image Skincare Vital C Masque | Review

November 27, 2017
Image Vital C Masque

Image Vital C Masque

My skin has had a bit of a beating recently. The stress of moving, home improvements and being completely out of routine has left my skin feeling uneven, dull and even dehydrated. I have written a post about my crazy couple of months here. Normally I love a good skincare routine but the struggle has been real and I have not been looking after my skin as much recently.

Now we have finally moved into our new home (still lots of decorating and unpacking to do!) I can take some time for myself and my skincare regime can go back to normal. One part of my routine that I do struggle with is a face mask. I always seem to forget or not give myself enough time to put one on and enjoy it! Over the last few weeks I have made the time, whether I put it on before I put the kids to bed and wash it off in the shower or after the school run before I start the house work, where I can leave it on for around half an hour or so and then wash it off.

Recently I was sent the Image Vital C hydrating enzyme masque, which was like a gift from heaven! Everything my skin needed was in this bottle! This paraben-free face mask is full of nourishing Vitamin A, C and E that gently exfoliates the skin, getting rid of any dull and dry skin which is in need of an SOS, making you feel and look human again! With the gorgeous smell of Papaya and Pineapple fruit extract you can close your eyes and relax into an exotic and blissful paradise. You can leave this mask on for 5-30 minutes, using a muslin cloth or your hands, with warm water, gently wash off and splash your skin with some cold water. Using cold water on the skin after you cleanse or exfoliate is a great way to help close pores and wakes the skin up reducing puffiness. I have used this product twice a week for the past few weeks and have noticed my skin looks more radiant and healthier and it has been welcomed into my beauty regime as my current go to face mask. FYI, I’m currently wearing it while writing this post! See it is as easy as that to use a face mask!

You can purchase the Image Skincare Vital C Mask online.

Have you tried this mask before? How did it make your skin feel?

*this post contains PR samples



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