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February 23, 2018
FFS Essentials

FFS Essentials

You may have seen last year that I wrote a review on Beauty Baking Bella of the Friction Free Shaving Razor Rose. You can find the post here! I only shave my legs once a week, any more than that and my sensitive skin becomes irritated which leads to scarring on my legs. I have found a routine that works for me, like I mentioned before in my previous review of FFS, I have a night a week where I enjoy a relaxing bath. This is a great excuse to have a pamper night, plus it is great to soak the legs and your bikini area in a warm bath to soften pores and hair follicles to aid a successful shave. I usually use my Husband’s shaving gel as it is so much better than the shop bought woman’s products available.

I was then sent this gorgeous gift box from the girls at FFS which included an inspiring 3-step regime of products for preshaving, shaving and after-shaving, which is genius! Before using these products I had an on/off routine of a handful of products that I would alternate to ensure a close and smooth shave that left my skin looking and feeling like a goddess. So when I received these new Friction Free Shaving beauties, I was so excited to run a bath and give this 3-step regime a go!

As I already have my rose gold Rose shaver, I selected the new Silvia shaver to add to my collection, again my name is engraved to personalise my razor. I now have a razor for the gym as well as my bathroom! Let me start off by sharing with you all what you receive in this £35 Gift Box.

FFS Review


This set includes –

A razor of your choice (Rose or Silvia – with the option for personalised engraving)

4 Razor head refills – each razor blade has 6 diamond-coated steel blades

A shower hook and blade cover

A Pre Shave Scrub

A Shave Cream

A Post Shave Balm

Over the past 4 weeks I have tried this 3-step process when I have shaved and here is what I thought about the new products in my weekly shaving routine!

FFS Shaver

Female Razors

FFShaving Gift Set


When it comes to shaving, it is great for the skin to be exfoliated before hand. This helps to remove any dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs from occurring. As a Turkish Cypriot girl that has dark and thick hair, using a scrub before shaving helps any hairs that are thick and not growing straight up to be lightly softened, which makes shaving those pesky hairs a lot easier and prevents any long term pain from ingrown hairs. This Walnut Scrub is a natural and gentle exfoliant on the skin with Manuka Honey and Almond milk to ensure the skin stays free of red razor bumps and the skin stays nourished and smooth after shaving.

I love the gentle feel of this product, there was no harsh scratching using this exfoliator on the skin and the smell of all the ingredients is a subtle sweet aroma, which makes you feel so clean and girly!


Like I have mentioned before I usually use my Husband’s shaving gels as I have never come across a ladies shaving gel that I have liked or seen good results from. That has now changed!! The Friction Free Shave Cream is unlike any other woman’s shaving gels or creams I have ever tried before! Firstly, it comes out the tube as a soft white coloured lotion and when applied onto the skin becomes clear so you can actually see the hairs and where you are shaving. The scent of this product is different to the Pre Shave scrub as you can smell a slight citrus aroma followed by the coconut oil, which is the primary ingredient in this shave cream. With Shea Butter and Manuka Honey, this shaving cream is so gentle and soothing on the skin, it stops any redness and irrigation on the skin after shaving and actually stops me from nicking the skin, especially around my knees. My god, my legs have never felt so smooth after a shave!


After shaving I have always resisted putting on body creams as they sting like f@%k! Excuse my French! If you are a women with sensitivity after shaving and you have gone to apply a body cream on after then you will know what I mean!! I had previously started turning to coconut oil on my legs after shaving to reduce the redness and sensitivity but since using this FFS Post Balm Shave, I don’t have any issues after applying it to my skin after shaving! My legs feel and look smooth and radiant, with Almond Milk, Cocoa Butter and Manuka Honey, this product is soothing, nourishing and smells exquisite, the Almond and Cocoa really make this balm a sweet smelling fragrance which is great before bed or before heading out.

Bath Essentials

I honestly think that this Gift Set is such great value for money and a great treat for yourself or as a present for someone else.

If you have a monthly, bi-monthly or every 2 monthly subscription and you want to try these products you can add them as an Add-On to your subscription for £6 per product, so when you want to stock up you can pick what you want and when it. If you are new to the wonderful world of Friction Shaving then use my 25% off discount code 9N87XH at the checkout with your first purchase or click here to go straight to their website!

Have you tried FFS before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Pinar xo

**this post contains an affiliate link & PR sample


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  1. Steph says:

    I’ve heard a lot about this but never tried it. Nice to read a proper review on it though and I’ll definitely consider trying this when I’m back in the UK.

    Steph x

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