A Skincare Routine with Dermalogica

February 28, 2019
Dermalogica Products Review

Last month Dermalogica kindly sent me some skincare goodies and asked me to be a part of their Skinfluencer campaign. I, of course, accepted as the beauty junkie in me was eager to try a whole bunch of new products.

I had planned a few mini reviews of these products on my beauty Instagram page but I have enjoyed using these products so much I had to get them in a blog post, so I could really share my experience with these Dermalogica products.


I am a firm believer that one of the secrets to healthy and radiant skin is a good skincare routine. Since I was a little girl skincare has been a passion of mine, watching my mother sitting at her vanity removing her makeup at the end of the day, doing her daily skincare regime. Now my own daughter sits and watches me as I carryout my daily skincare routine and I hope one day she will be inspired to take care of her skin the way that I do.


Pre Cleanse£38.50

Special Cleansing Gel – £32

Daily Microfoliant – £49.50

Skin Smoothing Cream – £14.50

Age Smart Skin Perfect primer SPF 30 – £44

Dermalogica Cleansers Review


The Pre Cleanse is an oil based cleanser that is the first stage of double cleansing. This step in a  cleansing routine helps to remove anything that is on the skin including makeup. I love double cleansing, mainly of an evening when I have makeup to remove or after a workout when my skin is at its most congested. The Dermalogica PreCleanse is a oil based cleanser when massaged into the skin it eliminates excess oils, makeup and residue built up over the day. Using this product has really helped to decongest my skin and make it feel so clean. It is  also brilliant for removing even heavier makeup and waterproof mascara.

I have naturally oily skin and I am easily prone to breakouts especially after a workout when my body has released all those toxins and oil through sweating. Using this PreCleanse it clears away the nasty sweat and refreshes my skin and prepares it for the next step in my cleansing routine.


The next step in the double cleansing routine is the Special Cleansing Gel. This step in the cleansing routine deeply cleanses the skin and, removing any excess sebum, dirt from within the first layers of the skin. A small amount really does go a long way with this gel cleanser. Massaging on to damp skin will create a light foamy soap-feel to refresh the skin and remove any left over PreCleanse and impurities. When washed away the skin feels so clean, smooth and soft to touch. I love this cleanser as unlike other cleansers for oily skin I have tried in the past, it really doesn’t strip the skin or leave it feeling dry or tight even as it balances the pH and excess oil in the skin. My skin feels soft to touch, very clean and refreshed.


This daily exfoliate is designed to help brighten and smooth the skin. Exfoliating regularly helps to renew the skin by removing dead and uneven skin. The Daily Microfoliant comes in a Rice- based powder than is activated into a paste when mixed with a little water or wet hands. The main ingredients include Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes which helps the skin feel, look smoother and healthier. After the first few use I found that my skin did feel a little drier than normal so instead of using it daily I use it every other day and found this worked perfectly for my skin. I also like to use it after a workout after my double cleansing routine to really clear out my skin and over the past few weeks all three of these products used together have really helped clear my skin of blemishes and I now have a even and brighter complexion.

Dermalogica Hydrating Moisturiser Review


The Skin Smoothing Cream is a new formula with active hydra mesh technology which keeps the skin hydrated for 48 hours as well as protecting the skin from environmental stresses. This moisturiser absorbs through the epidermal layer of the skin to reduce water loss from the skin and with Hyaluronic acid to help keep the skin plumped and hydrated. A small amount of this cream goes a long way and really helps comfort the skin. My skin feels smoother and looks more radiant, also it’s another great product to use after my workouts to rehydrate my skin from the outside.


I religiously wear an SPF everyday, my skin is quite freckly and even though I have an olive skin my skin can be very sensitive to the sun. This primer is a velvety formula and upon application creates a soft and silk skin. This primer has a broad spectrum SPF of 30 as well as smoothing fine lines and priming the skin for a flawless complexion. Most of the time I don’t wear makeup so I apply this primer as the last part of my skincare routine in the mornings. Out of curiosity I also used it as a makeup primer/makeup base and loved it! This primer makes my liquid foundation go on so much smoother, needing less product and finishes with an even complexion. This product has definitely become a staple in my skincare/makeup routine and I would 100% recommend this product to everyone as an SPF is so important in protecting your skin daily; and if it can also smooth and even your complexion then it’s definitely a winner!

Dermalogica Age Smart primer SPF 30

I have really enjoyed using these Dermalogica products and I am so glad I rediscovered Dermalogica again and I will definitely be keeping these products at hand within my skincare routine.

Have you used Dermalogica before? What products of theirs do you love?

Pinar xo


*this post contains gifted products


8 responses to “A Skincare Routine with Dermalogica”

  1. Derya Howard says:

    This sounds amazing! I really need to focus more on skin care, I’m so up and down with it! This sounds like a good one to try! Xx

  2. Natonya says:

    Pinar Dermalogica is the best brand to use on my skin! It works wonders for congestion and perfectly gentle for those with sensitive skin. I like to use the special gel cleanser and add the microfoliant for an intense cleanse and eliminates a step for me lol. I never knew they had skin smoothing cream, that’s definitely something I want to try. Does it work as a moisturizer too? Have you tried any of their moisturizers? I’m curious to know how those work too. Thanks for sharing <3

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com/

    • Pinar says:

      I would definitely recommend this moisturiser. Its hydrating and helps prevent skin damage from environmental stresses like pollution. My skin looks and feels so good when I use it. xo

  3. Ashley Firth says:

    I’ve never used Dermalogica products before. I really need to get my skincare regime sorted (I suffer from blemishes) so I think I’ll give these products a try! It’s great to hear that these products have worked for you.xxx


    • Pinar says:

      If you suffer with congested and blemish prone skin then I would 100% recommend Dermalogica. My skin looks and feels amazing xo

  4. Geraldine says:

    Dermalogica is one of the brands that are at the top of my list to try! I’ve only ever heard of the double cleanse process but never understood what it in fact did. Thank you for sharing lovely!

  5. Taiwo says:

    I haven’t used Dermatologica before but I love reading about their products! I always tell myself that I’ll buy some of their products when I have the money. Thanks for this guide. Now I know exactly what I should look out for! ?

    Taiwo x

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