Fadeout Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched Night Cream | Review

April 11, 2018
Anti-ageing Night Cream

Anti-ageing Night Cream

The lovely people at fadeout skincare recently sent me one of their night cream to try so I thought I would write a review of what I thought. A couple of months ago I posted about my Morning Skincare Routine which you can read here. I have a evening routine scheduled for the end of April so keep an eye out for that.


Firstly, let me tell you a little about what the Fadeout skincare and Fadeout Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched Night Cream is all about.

Fadeout is a skincare brand that specialise in reducing the appearance/ the prevention of pigmentation and age spots. They do this using active ingredients to reduce the melanin in the skin which with over production causes the above skin concerns.

I first heard of Fadeout when I was in my late teens when I was working as a Saturday girl in my local Boots and from memory I may have even purchased a product from an old range. I have always had the concern of darkening of my freckles on my face so when Fadeout contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out one of their current moisturisers I was so excited and immediately said yes!

At the age of 28 my skin is soft and supple and anti-ageing is only just starting to become a concern for me. When I did my research on what the Fadeout Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched night cream could do for me I started putting it to the test.

Night Cream


We all know that our skin naturally repairs itself when we are asleep and when you pair that with the right skincare you could potentially see some amazing results. Whether your concern is anti-aging, hydration or even radiance using the right night cream can change the whole game.

This particular night cream is rich in essential vitamins which includes natural active ingredients like Vederine®. This is a Vitamin D-like ingredient used to reconstruct and revive ageing skin. Rosehip Seed Oil with Vitamin A and Omega 3 helps to hydrate skin enhancing the natural firmness and tone within and the surface of the skin. So here is how I got on incorporating this product into my skincare regime.

Night Cream - Anti-ageing


During the first week of use I didn’t change anything from my normal night time routine apart from exchanging my usual night cream to this Fadeout night cream.

I noticed my skin was much more hydrated than usual. My skin felt and looked smoother and tighter and because of this my skin looked more radiant than normal. So far so good, I was really impressed!


I noticed that my skin was becoming more oiler than usual, especially when waking in the morning. I would continue using my normal morning routine and this helped to clean my skin of the remaining night cream left on my skin that seemed to causing the excess oily feel on my skin.


This cream became too much for daily use as it is a rich concurrency, the texture was too much for my skin. My skin was becoming overly oily and my pores were becoming blocked and I had an out break of blemishes around my mouth, nose and forehead (this isn’t like my skin).


I decreased the amount of times a week I used this product, down to 2-3 times in the 4th week. I Even went from using one pea-sized amount to half a pea-size and only pressing it into my cheek and forehead area. Unfortunately, regular use of this product wasn’t giving me the results I had hoped for. I was expecting my skin to look more even and clear but unfortunately it was just too rich for my skin.

Night Moisturiser


Overall, I think this product definitely boosted the radiance in my skin and added hydration which made my skin look a lot healthier. However, the texture of the product was too rich for my oily/combination skin. I think this product would be perfect as a treatment product to be used during colder weather and someone who has a dry skin.

I have continued to use this product once or twice a week as a treatment product to rehydrate my skin and as a extra anti-ageing product in my skincare routine and I find that this works better for me.

After using this Fadeout product I think I would like to use another but maybe one that is more suitable for my skin type.

Have you used this product before? Would you recommend any of the other Fadeout products?

*this post contains gifted products

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6 responses to “Fadeout Advanced+ Vitamin Enriched Night Cream | Review”

  1. Yiota says:

    Sounds like an amazing cream for those who have dry skin and want extra hydration. I haven’t tried anything from this brand and I don’t know if it is available in my country. Hope you are having a lovely Monday and a great start of the week!


  2. jane says:

    Sounds like a great hydration cream
    I would love to try too

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  3. Katya says:

    This is a type of product we all must be looking for. Honestly there are so many products to choose from, apart from this. But this seems to be one of the best.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    • Pinar says:

      You are so right, there are so many products out there it can be difficult to find the right one to suit your skin. Unfortunately the process can be trail and error. xo

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