January Beauty Empties

February 28, 2020

Wow how are we nearly at the end of February? I have only just got around to typing up last month’s beauty empties, before I know it I will be writing up February’s empties!

This month I don’t have as many empties as I have had the previous two months. December and January’s empties posts were a little long as I was using so many different types of products. This year, I have become more mindful with how many skincare products I use at once in my daily skincare routine, for two reasons. The first, my skin is so sensitive to change and with the use of too many products, it becomes easily clogged up. Secondly, I need to save money! I’m easily influenced to buy the latest products and to try the latest brands, so I am being more mindful with only purchasing products that are needed in my routine or to replace empty products.

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January’s beauty empties are all facial skincare, apart from one body care product, so I’m just going to list them and tell you all about them and what my experience was with them in my daily routine.

The round up includes the following products:


The Dermalogica Precleanse was gifted to me nearly a year ago and has lasted for such a long time! This Oil Based Cleanser is perfect for the first step in a double cleanse routine. This oil cleanser melts away excess oils found in the skin, waterproof makeup, sunscreen as well as daily build up and environmental pollutants. This gentle cleanser is so soothing and not stripping, always leaving my skin feeling and looking clean and fresh. My skin is then ready for a facial wash cleanser in the next step of my routine. I love this cleanser, especially after my morning workout. When you feel all sweaty and your skin needs a refresh, this cleanser is fantastic to clean and prevent clogged pores and unnecessary build up of oil from sweating.

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Another Dermalogica product which was gifted to me was the AGE Bright Clearing Serum. This two -in -one serum is perfect if you want to achieve clear skin from breakouts as well anti-ageing. This serum is light in texture and with the use of a dropper you can control how much you use and even use it in specific areas. I always need a product like this in my routine because the ingredients Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide are the two power ingredients in this serum that helps skin that is prone to clogged pores and blemishes. This would easily make it on my list to purchase from the list of PR products I’ve tried.


Farmacy is a new brand I have started to fall in love with, this cleansing balm, the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm is another cleansing product I use in my double cleanse routine. I use this in the first step of an evening, its so soft and gentle and it smells so refreshing. Over time as I’ve used this cleanser my skin feels more hydrated and looks so much clearer. I have already repurchased this cleanser in the full size because I loved it so much and found it so much more affordable than other cleansers I’ve used.


Elemis is a brand I have wanted to try for years but have been put off because it is a little bit out of my price range. So like I do with my skincare products, I did some research into what my skin needed and found a few products that I thought would be a good investment. This Elemis Cleansing Micellar Water is one of those products. I purchased this product last October for my weekend away to Majorca. I wanted a travel size product of an all purpose cleanser I could use for both refreshing my skin while traveling as well as using it in a double cleanse routine of an evening. I really enjoyed using this product! This clarifying micellar water was amazing at removing light makeup (BB cream and mascara) as well as build up of oil and pollutants as we did a lot of walking around and my skin felt a little tight and clogged up. This was perfect and very handy for travelling and definitely a product I would repurchase for my travel skincare toiletry bag.


The Elemis Superfood range was another group of products that caught my eye when I was searching through their products and I came across the Elemis Superfood Kerif-Tea Mist. A priming and hydrating facial mist toner that is like heaven in a bottle. I used this product on holiday and when I got back. It was handy to have around the pool and at the beach to spritz and refresh my face and neck. It was perfect in the mornings in my AM routine and again before bed as a part of my PM skincare routine. This 4-in-1 treatment mist is full of anti-oxidants as well as the superfood Roobios Tea (a favourite tea choice in my house) and Kerif Ferment which helps to reveal brighter and healthier looking skin. I am definitely going to be repurchasing this product and I now really want to try the other bits in the Elemis Superfood Range.


If you read my blog you are probably sick of seeing this product and me telling you all how much I adore this product! My favourite Vitamin C facial skincare product, the PIXI Skintreats Vitamin C tonic! So I don’t ramble on too much about it, here is a link to a full review of it I previously wrote. To keep a long story short, I love it, I’ve been gifted one and have repeatedly repurchased myself lots of times! Definitely try this one!


As I mentioned above, Niacinamide is an ingredient my skin benefits from and this serum was kindly gifted to me by Good Molecules and it has to be the best pure Niacinamide product I’ve used. If you prefer products with a mixture of ingredients for a variety of skin needs than the Dermalogica serum above is the one for you. But if you just want a simple and straight to the point Niacinamide then this Good Molecules one is perfect and also so affordable! For my fellow Brits, you can purchase their products on Beautylish.


The last in the facial skincare category, my first Kiehl’s purchase, the Midnight Recovery Eye. An all round goody, helps with both puffiness and dark circles as well as those first signs of ageing of fine lines. This balm like texture is light and easily absorbs into the eye area. I noticed instant results every time I apply this product. A restorative formula of essential oils makes this gorgeous smelling eye cream one of my favourites. After I finish the little stock of other eye creams I have I will 100% be repurchasing this and having a nose at some of their other best selling products.


Last but not least, the Sanex Dermo Moisturising Shower Gel for normal to dry skin. I discovered this beauty of a product on one of my weekly food shops. The kids have used the kids Sanex for a while and its been amazing for their drier skin. So when I saw this product I knew I had to try it. This formula is so gentle and soothing with its restorative formula to balance the natural ph in the skin. My skin looks so much healthier and hydrated in turn making my skin feel soft and clean, which has reduced the amount of clogged pores and blemishes I get on my back and thighs. As someone who has problem skin on my body, most body products are too perfumed and have too many nasty ingredients that irritate and flare up my skin. Sanex has changed all that and my skin is so thankful. The best thing is the price, it is so affordable I can continue repurchasing this shower gel without breaking the bank.

So there you have it, my January’s beauty empties. All in all these products were winners in my eyes and will definitely be making another appearance on my vanity and bathroom shelf.

Which of these products have you tried? What was your favourite beauty product of January?

Pinar xo


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  1. I am also loving the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye – it’s one of my favourite eye creams now! I have dark eyes & fine lines and it’s massively helped me. Glad to see you like it too! X

    Jazmin | https://www.jazminheavenblog.com

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