Semolina Coconut & Sultana Biscuit Bites

November 14, 2019
Semolina Biscuits Jump to recipe

It dawned on me recently that this year I’ve been focusing so much on eating well and exercising that I’ve neglected my love for baking. With the new series of The Great British Bake Off now on our screens it reminded me of just how much I do love to bake.

With the thought of keeping up with my healthy eating lifestyle I wanted to create an easy, yet healthy recipe. I have a sweet tooth and it can be hard for me to not indulge in some sort of sugar filled unhealthy chocolate bar or biscuits. So I like to bake some healthier sweet treats at home and not deprive myself completely of any treats. Check out some of my other healthier sweet treats here.

Semolina Biscuits Recipe

I have a habit of buying ingredients with the intention of baking and never get round to it for one reason or another, so after watching biscuit week on Bake Off I decided to grab some of those ingredients I’ve been hoarding in my kitchen cabinet and throw some stuff together to create something I can grab and eat when I’m craving something sweet.

From this I created these biscuit bites, small enough to enjoy just a couple of them and not feel bad for indulging. The key ingredients are semolina, coconut and honey. There is no refined sugars and I’ve used coconut oil instead of butter.

Semolina is a great source of protein and other vitamins as well as an antioxidant, which is great for your skin and heart. It makes these biscuits great for those workout days to up your protein intake, well thats what I’ve been telling myself anyway!

So here I am sharing a quick and easy recipe which you can create at home for yourself, friends or even the kids to enjoy as a healthier alternative to a sweet treat.

As always do share with me any photos if you recreate and use my recipes and tag me on Instagram @pinarcooks!

Pinar xo

2 responses to “Semolina Coconut & Sultana Biscuit Bites”

  1. Natonya says:

    I ever heard of semolina but the fact that it’s high in protein definitely has my attention. I’ve been wanting to increase my protein intake to encourage weight loss. Your cookies are perfect because they’re not too sweet and great for an afternoon pick me up. I’m very interested in trying out the recipe too!???

    Natonya |

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