November Beauty Empties

December 5, 2019
Beauty Product Empties Review

I always plan to write up a monthly beauty empties post but always forget and before I know it another month has been and gone. We are in the final month of 2019, December so what better month to start than the last of the year haha!

November Beauty Empties

I generally enjoy reading other blogger’s beauty empties, it’s a great way to learn about new products and to get an honest and reliable opinion on trending beauty products. For my first beauty empties post I have decided to break this post into sections – skincare, bodycare and haircare. Just a little disclaimer, some items are PR products that I was previously sent to try.

Skincare Empties


Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic

This product has to be one of my favourite skincare products and one of many products I discovered this year on Cult Beauty. The Alpha H Liquid Gold is Alpha H’s best seller. It is a liquid toner which can be used alone or applied before a moisturiser or serum of an evening. The Glycolic Acid helps to revitalise and firm the skin, as well as helping to renew the skin from blemishes and acne scars. This is my 3rd bottle this year, I use it within my night time skincare routine up to 4 times a week. My skin looks firmer and clearer, I wake up in the morning with healthy and glowing skin thanks to this amazing skincare product.
If you are new to skincare acids, it’s always best to start using products like this slowly, firstly once a week then twice and then worked up to every other night. I’ve already got a back up ready when my next one finishes!

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminiator

This year I have been switching up my every day foundation for a BB cream, it is better for my skin, less clogging and has allowed my skin to heal better after years of blemishes and acne. This Marcelle BB Cream is my second tube and trust me when I say, this 45ml tube lasts a very long time! I previous wrote a review on why I love it here if you want full details on this product. On days I want to apply a little makeup I apply a small amount over the areas of my face and neck that needs a little coverage to even and illuminate the skin. My skin always looks so healthy and bright, I always get compliments when I wear this product and it will always be a product I repurchase especially during the summer months. This product only comes in one “shade” a small amount goes a long way and blends seamlessly into the skin to create a natural looking colour on the face, adapting to you own skin tone. This product is oil free but has a dewy and satin looking finish which is gentle and soothing on the skin.

Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF 30

At the beginning of the summer, Dermalogica sent me their brand new moisturiser, Prisma Protect with an SPF 30. As someone with freckles and slightly sensitive skin, I always use a daily SPF with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection rain or shine to ensure my skin is full protected. This is a two in one product, a moisturiser to add moisture with antioxidant to protect against pollution and to even and brighten the skin as well as ensuring a broad spectrum UV protection. I love how light in texture this cream is for my combination/oily skin, I also apply a little to my neck and reapply if I’m going out again in the afternoon. I have tried a fair few moisturisers this year and I have to say this one is my favourite and I already have another bottle on my vanity.

Forever Aloe Vera Gelly

I am a huge lover of Aloe Vera, I always have a bottle on my vanity to help heal blemishes and marks. I also use a thin layer as an over night mask when my skin is especially irritated or sore. Over the summer Forever Living sent me this Aloe Vera Gelly to try (check out my full review here) and it was a welcomed addition to my skincare routine. Aloe Vera is a great product to have on your vanity, it helps heal and protect the skin from blemishes as well as dry and sensitive skin. Aloe Vera gel is always a great product to have around.

Bodycare Empties


Soap and Glory Flake Away

Soap and Glory was one of the first bodycare products I started using as a teenager when I worked part time for Boots while studying. So when I was sent the Flake Away Body Polish I was reminded of my teens and enjoyed using this gorgeous smelling pot! The Flake Away is made up of smoothing Sea Salts, Grape Seed and Almond Oils to help smooth and clear the skin of dry patches, little pumps and to renew the skin gently with a little of the Soap and Glory signature fragrance. I exfoliate my body every other day, I have so many scars from acne, cuts and grazes which overtime has taken a long time to heal. One thing that gets me down about my skin is the way it takes a long time to heal and that I have so many scars on my body. By regularly exfoliating I am aiding my skin by removing dead skin cells and dirt to give way to skin renewal and fading of my scars.

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Another brand I discovered this year on Cult Beauty was Frank Body, an Australian brand that is famous for its coffee scrubs! As I exfoliate my body so regularly, I tend to go through body scrubs and polishes fairly quickly so I like to have a few different ones to help replenish and revitalise my skin. This coffee scrub can get a little messy which is why I use it in the shower, but it’s so easy to use. I apply it, a small amount on wet skin staring from my feet and up to my heart using circular motions following the natural blood flow.  This helps to release toxins and promote healthier looking skin by using this natural scrub to brighten and clear my skin on a regular basis. I recently went two weeks without this product and my skin flared up and started to look dull!! I quickly repurchased a bag to get my skin back to looking and feeling great. This has and will always be repurchased and be a part of my bodycare routine.

Clarins Satin Smooth Body Lotion

I have a special place in my heart for Clarins, I worked for them for over 7 years and still love their products. I have a normal to oily skin on my body so when I use body products I like to use lighter formulas like lotions and gel as they absorb a lot better and don’t clog my skin. This body lotion has a light floral and fresh scent and makes me feel so girly and clean. This is my luxury body product that I like to use to energise and revitalise myself through self love and self care.

Disclaimer: when going to post this post and linking this product I discovered it has indeed been discontinued! *insert angry face* why do all the good products get discontinued?!

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control

Another Clarins body product I love is the Body Lift Cellulite Control- which has been repackaged and renamed and as well as an improved formula. Now named Clarins Body Fit, I use this product after my workouts to help firm and tone my skin. This light menthol like gel is gentle and easy to apply and is very cooling and refreshing after a good workout. This is another product I use to help repair and heal my skin and scaring and honestly, this being my 5th bottle, is another product I will be repurchasing.

LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion

I love applying the LUSH Sleepy lotion on my hands and feet before I go to sleep. This pot lives by my bed! With an infusion of Oatmeal, Lavender water and Fair Trade organic Cocoa Butter, this lotion is light and soothing on the nose and the skin. If you struggle to sleep and need a little help then definitely try this body lotion at bedtime.

Haircare Empties Review


L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

I don’t want to keep complaining about myself but I also have issues with my hair. Over the years it has become flat, fragile and has started to thin. I have a handful of haircare products that I like to use to try and help my hair concerns and the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for coloured hair is a nourishing hair serum that is non greasy texture. This hair oil promotes silky soft hair, adds shine and ensures a healthy looking finish when styling. This one bottle has lasted me nearly 2 years, a small amount really does go a long way. I apply a couple of pumps into my balms and gentle apply using soft strokes from mid hair to tip of my hair while it is damp. It helps to keep frizz down and my hair looks smooth and shiny. I will be picking up another bottle on my next Boots trip.

R+Co High Dive Moisture and Shine Crème

This is a haircare product I received in a Birchbox earlier this year and the first product I have used from the R+Co brand. This light textures cream is very gentle and light on the hair, applied onto damp hair to add moisture and shine to my dull and dry ends. I really enjoyed using this travel size R+Co High Dive and will be purchasing the full size to carry on looking after the moisture and protection of my hair.

So that is it, all my November Beauty Empties shared. I hope you enjoyed and discovered some new products you might want to try. Do let me know if you like these types of posts and I will be sure to continue sharing my beauty empties and maybe a round up of my beauty favourites too!

Pinar xo


*includes gifted products


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  1. Natonya says:

    Frank Coffee Body Scrub has been on my must-try list for months now! Coffee is so great at smoothing the skin and eliminating toxins, I just now it’ll make the biggest difference in my bathtime regimen. Aloe Vera is perfect for sensitive skin and I like to use it in my hair as a moisturizer too, keeps my curls hydrated and less frizzy.♥️

    Natonya |

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