Places To Eat In London As A Vegetarian

November 26, 2019
Grind London Veggie Brunch

I’m a little delayed in posting this but never the less I wanted to share all the delicious food and amazing restaurants my husband and I ate in while away in London for our anniversary weekend back in July. It has been nearly a year since I made the choice to become a vegetarian, so as our first proper trip away I wasn’t sure what to expect when eating out as a vegetarian foodie. Obviously, being a vegetarian or vegan seems to be quite ‘trendy’ or current shall we say which for me as someone who’s body doesn’t benefit from eating meat because of my IBS and migraines, it was a pleasant surprise to see that the world accepts and if anything promotes the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. London is one of the most popular cities in the world it would be crazy to think that they wouldn’t have amazing restaurants and coffee shops that would cater to all eaters whatever their diet and needs.


I will warn you now that this post is full of delicious food photos and even now as I write this I’m craving the thick and fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes from Grind (see below) and remembering how nice it was to eat out for 2 days!

vegetarian eating out in london


Buttermilk Pancakes Grind London

Exmouth Market Grind was a short walk from our hotel in London’s Kings Cross. Grind is known for its delicious menu and Instagrammable interiors. The ambiance was full of chilled vibes with good food and great coffee, which made for the perfect spot for a late breakfast/brunch. These buttermilk pancakes were incredible with blueberries and cream. It’s safe to say these have to be the best pancakes that I’ve had out. These Buttermilk Pancakes were warm, fluffy and so enjoyable to eat, the blueberries and cream complimented and finished the dish perfectly. My husband had the Breakfast Burritos which was like a healthy full English breakfast in a warm wrap. The menu was full of amazing options with a choice of fruits and grains, a variety of warm healthy breakfasts, juices and smoothes. They also had a great choice of coffees, lattes and teas. No matter what your food preferences are, Grind is a perfect place to catch-up  with friends whether you are vegetarian/vegan or not.

Breakfast Burritos - Grind, London


The Ivy Market Grill was the perfect location for our anniversary dinner. In the heart of London’s elegant and fun Covent Garden, the Ivy Market Grill with its elegant and beautiful interior is a place where you can catch-up with friends before hitting the nightlife or before heading off to one of many world class theatre shows, but you can also enjoy an intimate meal with loved ones. With a list of the finest wines and signature cocktails, we started our meal with a drink before ordering a sharing starter of a Salt Crusted Sourdough Bread with salted butter and olives to share. It was warm, soft and so enjoyable to eat. The ultimate comfort food starter of a glamorous warm bread and butter combination. We don’t always get to eat out together so we took advantage and ordered a three course meal. They had a vegan and vegetarian menu separate to their main menu which was full of amazing options from starters, mains, sides and desserts.

The Ivy Market Grill Sourdough Starter

My main meal of Baked Halloumi on a bed of a creamy red pepper tapenade, rice and baked poblano peppers with a drizzle of pesto, was full of great flavours and as a vegetarian it was nice to order a meal that was still filling, full of texture with the Halloumi as a substitute for meat substance. To finish, I made sure I kept a little room for dessert, of course I chose a Crème brûlée, warm smooth, sweet and absolutely delicious.

The Ivy Market Grill Veggie Menu

The Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden was a perfect location to celebrate an anniversary dinner. Everything from the ambiance and decor is chilled yet vibrant and very classy. You can dress up or even wear jeans and a shirt and still feel comfortable. They provided a great service and excellent food with a variety of choices across the menu and drinks menu. We will definitely be returning on our next visit to London.


Pre Veggie Hot Food WrapsBoth my husband and I are huge coffee lovers and one of our favourite places to grab a coffee when we are out and about is Pret. I’m very fussy with how my coffee should taste but I honestly love  Pret’s Flat White. It’s smooth, full of flavour and always so enjoyable to drink. Pret have Vegan/Vegatarian only coffee shops dotted around London but you can still pick up veggie options in their original stores. The Falafel and Halloumi Hot Wrap is full of sweet potato falafel with red pepper tapenade and Halloumi. This warm and delicious wrap would be perfect for anyone whether you are vegetarian or vegan especially if you are a Halloumi fan. The perfect quick lunch when on the go or when taking a break from wondering around Oxford Street.


On our way home we took a stroll through Leicester Square on our way to London Charring Cross and stopped off at All Bar One for a last drink and a little snack.

All bar one Leicester square

We enjoyed an All Bar One bowl of Nachos which were made from flour and beetroot chia tortillas topped with Monterey Jack Cheese, Pico de Gallo salsa, sour cream and crushed avocados and jalapeños. It was so delicious and a light snack perfect for sharing. I washed this down with a very summery and refreshing Watermelon Margarita.

All Bar One London Starters


Just a little disclaimer, we ate in these restaurants towards the end of the summer, the menu’s for these locations do change with the season. Some of the items I’ve mentioned above may not be available but this season’s menus have similar options and many more vegetarian dishes and vegan dishes to chose from.

As much as I love eating out, I love cooking and baking! If you are new to Beauty Baking Bella then take a look at my own vegetarian recipes here.

Where is your favourite place to eat when you are visiting London?

Pinar xo

9 responses to “Places To Eat In London As A Vegetarian”

  1. I live in a really small town where eating out vegan is almost impossible so I always have a huge list of places I want to try when I’m in London. I have to eat gluten free these days too which makes it even harder unless I’m somewhere with a real focus on being allergy friendly. Have you ever been to the veggie Pret? It makes it so much easier when you’re struggling! One of my favourite places is Farmacy in Notting Hill x


    • Pinar says:

      Hi Sophie, oh god eating gluten free is a whole another ball game. I cut out gluten completely when my IBS flares and it makes eating in general difficult let alone eating out.
      I was surprised how many vegan and veggie options are available everywhere in London. I’ve read good things about Farmacy it’s definitely on my list of places to try on my next visit.
      Pinar xo ?

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m not vegetarian but I quite often go for the vegetarian option on a menu because they look so tasty. Those nachos look absolutely delicious, I adore beetroot crisps so I’m sure I’d love them too. I’ll have to look out for them next time I go to All Bar One! Lisa x

    • Pinar says:

      Hi Lisa, vegetarian and vegan food can be just as tasty as meat dish can’t it?! 🙂 My husband loves his meat but since I’ve been a veggie he has dramatically cut down on his meat intake and enjoys veggie options too! Ooh yes you sound like you would like these nachos 🙂 xo

  3. Britt says:

    That coffee shop looks great! My husband and I are coffee lovers as well, so we tend to seek out coffee shops everywhere we go

  4. Rachel Wuest says:

    I’m a vegetarian of 8 years and love finding new spots. Camden Market has more and more vegan food stands every time I visit! I liked Temple of Seitan (completely vegan I believe), Honest Burger (great veggie burger and sustainably raised animals for meat eaters) and Dishoom (although it took me several visits to London to actually get a table in a timely manner, it’s insanely popular!).

    Rachel ||

  5. Natonya says:

    Although I’m not vegetarian nor do I live in London, I could see myself eating food like this all the time. Everything looked really fresh and hearty, certainly would make a ‘meat person’ like me not miss the meat. Thanks for sharing! I’m adding your photos on my Pinterest too ❤️

    Natonya |

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