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July 13, 2015
HG Pregnancy Sickness

It is a difficult subject to talk about but it shouldn’t be one that is avoided. Every pregnancy is different in every woman which can make it difficult to understand different symptoms especially severe morning sickness. This can make a woman feel very lonely, poorly and very emotional and it’s important for close friends and family to understand that it doesn’t always just go away after the first 12 weeks. I am 17 weeks and still being sick and feeling nauseas all day.


Some women are very lucky to breeze through their first trimester with slight nausea and fatigue but for those of us unlucky mummy-to-be’s we could only dream of that blissful time. Firmly in my second trimester and I feel like the last 11 weeks of nausea is here to stay for the long term. As I mentioned in my previous post I suffered from severe morning sickness the whole 9 months when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was even sick during my labour! I am trying to stay positive and praying it will subside soon but I’m afraid it may be the same this time around. At 10 weeks I was admitted to hospital to be rehydrated where the doctor also gave me an anti sickness injection into my drip. This experience is by far one that I have spent the last 7 weeks trying to avoid again due to the fact it was horrid. For 6 hours I was laying in that hospital bed praying it would be over soon. Since this time every time I am sick I force a pint of cold water into my system and if that comes back up I do the same again, it is the only way I can stay hydrated enough not to go back to that dreadful experience (the hospital staff were amazing though!) As hard as it is I have managed to find a few things that help me manage this nausea and the sickness and as much as I hoped it would make it go away they are only temporary remedies but for now this is more than I can ask for until the magically day comes where someone will find the cause and find a miracle cure.

We read how pregnancy symptoms are common and how you can get through it but I found that the commonly suggested remedies did not work for me. The struggle of finding things to help with my symptoms was hard and still struggling now but as they say you find the strength from somewhere to deal with your bad days. I thought I would share what has been helping me, especially with my all day nausea and sickness because maybe someone may find this post and read it and find something that works for them and will offer comfort that they are not alone.

So here is my all so helpful yet not so long lasting relief remedies to help morning sickness:


More like need to eat all the time before that awful taste in your mouth comes back! Eating little and often pretty much every hour or so helps prevent the need to throw up all the time. I found foods like eggs, cheese, fruit and vegetables are great to snack on and easy to prepare into a bowl just to help relieve that wave of nausea from setting in. Scrambled eggs and strawberries help a lot.


Peppermint Tea in the mornings can help soothe your throat and stomach after being sick and ease the acid in your tummy that brings on the morning sickness.


Baby and Toddler Toothpaste has low fluoride and soft spearmint toothpaste eases the need to gag when brushing in the mornings and evening creating a better after taste in your mouth making mornings and bedtime more bearable.


Chicken Cuppa soups are brilliant for a snack and helping if you suffer from Pregnancy Rhinitis (post nasal drip) which enhances the nausea feeling; helps clear my throat and easy my stomach.


Take pregnancy vitamins at night time to prevent throwing it back up and in case it is those that aid the sickness due to the mixture of vitamins you are absorbing into your body.


Fruit yoghurts recommended by my doctor to help reduce acid in my stomach that contributed to me being sick as I am allergic to Gaviscon medicine. I found this was a nice snack after meals and of an evening when I need a late night snack.


Rennie tablets help a lot after certain meals if I feel bloated and sick on a full tummy.


Ice cold water and ice cubes are amazing! Of course staying hydrated is very important and can at times make me feel a lot better and give me the energy to carry on.


This is the one thing that took the edge off the unbearable sickness; I tried Cyclizine and Stemetil but now trying Metoclopramide, the first made me awfully drowsy which is no good when you have a 2 year old toddler to look after but the second is one I’m currently still taking up to three times a day. Stemeil worked wonders during the first week of taking but as time has gone on some days have become just as bad as before which is why I am now trying the new tablets and alternating week by week with Stemetil so fingers crossed.

If you are not sure about taking medication don’t hesitate to ask you doctor as they know what they are talking about. I don’t like taking medication for anything and was very sceptical about taking these tablets but the doctor reassured it was safe for me and most importantly baby and I’m grateful as if I don’t take anything I am bed ridden, which is no fun.


Taking each day as it comes is the only way I am getting through these times. It is so hard to explain to friends and family how awful morning sickness can feel and it at the time feels like the hardest thing to go through. I learnt that it’s best to talk about it, let someone know how you feel and if you need help, just ask. Don’t give up, it won’t be long until we hold our precious little baby in our arms and all this will be forgotten.

Please let me know if you are suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum or morning sickness and what you are doing to get through the hard days. I hope this post helps someone out there that feels just as bad as I do. If you need someone to talk to or some advice please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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