UFIT Lactose Free Protein Drink

April 24, 2017

Recently I was sent a sample package to review, which included a variety of products by UFIT, a high protein drink brand.  They aim to reach people that are looking for a healthier snack alternative for a healthy lifestyle and that is great for on the go.

This is a review of UFIT Lactose Free Vanilla flavoured high protein milkshake. I took this drink, in replacement to my usual protein shake, to the gym one day as I love to drink my protein after my workout while I am sitting in the steam room or sauna.

One thing that intrigued me when trying this product was the fact it is lactose free. I usually mix my whey protein powder shake with water as I don’t like to drink milk as it does make me feel bloated afterwards, so this appealed to me as I could enjoy this milky drink without my usual symptoms.

Just one bottle contains 22grams of protein, which for me is key after my workout as it helps keep my energy levels up, fuelling my body by replacing the vitamins and minerals I lost during my sweaty workout. One bottle is just 162 kcal and includes vitamin C, D & E. However, one thing I did notice was that it contained 10 grams of sugar, which equates to 2 and half teaspoons of sugar. I try to avoid added sugars in my diets so drinking one of these a day wouldn’t increase my sugar intake by much, however if you don’t have a healthy diet you might want to use this shake as a ‘sugar’ alternative instead of adding it in to your unhealthy diet.

This product was something very different for me to try and here is what I thought…


I loved the taste of this protein milkshake, I was so surprised that it didn’t have that bitter ‘protein’ taste that other protein shakes have. It was easy to drink with its smooth and hydrating taste considering it is a milkshake.

The Vanilla flavour (my favourite milkshake flavour drink) was so delicious that I wish I had a bigger bottle! You would never think that you was drinking a protein shake, it was so yummy!


As I mentioned before, I like to drink my protein shakes in the spa after I have done my workout as I try to drink protein drinks within half an hour of my workout. This protein milkshake helped me stay hydrated while in the steam and sauna. I had lots of energy and felt that my appetite was satisfied and I wasn’t hungry. This made for a great pick me up snack to keep me going until I was able to refuel on my post workout meal. I didn’t feel bloated or lethargic, quite the opposite, I felt my stomach was content and my energy levels perfect to carry in with the rest of my day.


Yes, I would 100% purchase this product. I enjoyed drinking this protein milkshake and was the perfect post gym snack with the added benefits of high protein intake. The taste was scrumptious and I felt amazing. I would definitely take this drink to the gym or on the go when I’m running around with the kids to keep me awake and energetised.

You can find UFIT in Boots, Holland & Barrett’s and online.

*this post contains PR samples

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