What’s In My Hand Luggage?

April 27, 2017

Tomorrow I am off to Santorini for my sisters ‘Hen Do Holiday’ so I asked on twitter what my readers wanted to see me write about in terms of holiday packing. The winner was ‘What’s In My Hand Luggage” so here it is, a post on what I will be taking with me on to the plane.


I always love to bring a holdall with me as I always have so much that I like to keep on me when I am travelling. For me it is important to bring a few essentials to get me through my flight and beyond. I purchased this holdall in Accessorize last year, they sell so many great bags ideal for travelling. It has lots of little compartments and zips for my phone, iPad, passport and tickets leaving plenty of room for everything else.


I like my toiletries and makeup to be altogether and easy to get to and even with the ‘liquids in a bag rule’ I take a makeup/toiletry bag with me for my other bits. This Hotrose zipper bag was my little treat from Amazon and will be my makeup travel bag from now on. It holds all the essentials like my makeup brushes, toothbrush, razor and all my little bits like hair bands and hair grips. I’m so in love with the colour and very impressed with how much it holds.


This little bag has been my liquids bag for years, I can’t even remember where I bought it but I think it came with empty travel bottles. It’s the perfect size for the legal requirement of a maximum of 1 Litre of liquids. As I am only bringing a carry-on suitcase instead of a large suitcase I have my toiletries, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, suncreams etc in my holdall.


I never travel without these essentials anti-bac, wet wipes/facial wipes, tissues, compact mirror and foam ear plugs. I am a bit of a clean freak so I use anti-bac for my hands a lot and I use it with some tissue to clean the arm rests and tray table when I get on the plane, because you just don’t know how clean they are! I don’t use facial wipes for cleansing as they don’t have the benefits a proper cleanser have but I do find them handy when I’m travelling. I love the YesTo ones, and use them to refresh my hands and face after a long flight. Lastly, I use foam ear plugs because my ears always pop and cause me pain when flying, and for me that sets off my migraines, so I use them every time I fly to prevent me becoming unwell.


I always try to sleep/rest on a flight and I can never travel without a sleep eye mask, pashmina, a pair of socks and a *travel pillow.



I never travel without something to do; without fail I always bring a few books, as I do love a good holiday book. I love puzzle books and from a young age, when I used to spend all my school holidays in Cyprus, I would always remember my Mum buying my sisters and I puzzle books, colouring books and magazines and I still to this day, now a mother my self, buy a new one each time I fly. I can’t travel without these things. I will also bring my iPad and headphone with a few films and music just to help me unwind.


Last but not least, a convenient and easy to use passport holder. This is one I bought last year from Boots as I love the colour and pattern and it was perfect for me when travelling with the whole family as it holds everything you need, passports, tickets, boarding passes, EHIC cards and Euros.

I will also be taking my camera and some drinks and snacks after I get through security.

So there you have it, What’s In My Hand Luggage!

Let me know what you think. If you have your go-to hand luggage essentials please let me know what you can’t travel without in the comments below.

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