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June 23, 2017

It has been two weeks since we have been back from North Cyprus and I still have the holiday blues. We had such an amazing and memorable time with family and friends and not only did I watch my little sister get married I also got to show my babies where their family are from. I will be honest I didn’t pay much attention to taking photos for my blog because it was a family holiday and I wanted to be laid back and enjoy every moment instead of stressing about what to take photos of or write about for my blog. Now if you know me you know I TAKE TOO MANY PHOTOS so looking back through my holiday snaps I have enough of them to make a few blog posts haha!

This post is all about where we ate out over the 10 days. We did stay in an all inclusive hotel but when your in North Cyprus the restaurants are just too lovely to ignore.


Calamari Restaurant was located in Lapta with a amazing seafront view, a few minutes walk from our hotel. This night was amazing, 28 of us showed up at the restaurant with no reservation and they accommodated us and gave us a first class service. We were given complimentary celebration shots (the side of a cocktail!) for the pre-wedding party. The menu had a selection of fish and meat dishes and of course I went for a Calamari dish. We had fresh bread and a cold meze to start, Cacik, Hummus, Tahini and Olives. All the main dishes came with mashed potatoes, steamed vegetable and a big turkish salad that was in the centre of the table for everyone to help themselves. After the mains the restaurant put on a little music for us, both english and turkish music to which escalated very quickly into a party scene of laughs, cocktails and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Both the food, service and restuarant itself was amazing and I will definitely be returning to this place on my next trip to North Cyprus.




One evening we drove to the local town of Girne (Kyrenia) my Nene (Nan) gave us her car for a few days. We went with my Mum, her partner and my little sister. We went for a stroll along the harbour in search of somewhere to eat. On our way back up from the main part of Girne we found a restuarant hidden in a side road called Jakaranda.

We walked in just as the Call to Prayer started right next door, it was so beautiful. Through the entrance up a small flight of stairs the restaurant took my breath away, it was in a garden, full of trees and beautiful flowers. The hidden garden was beautiful and the owner of the restuarant came to introduce himself, he was so friendly and welcoming.

We had a cold meze to start with fresh bread with a lovely local white wine. I ordered Köfte for my main meal which came with Pilav, Chips and an Onion and Parsley Sumac salad. It was so delicious and perfect traditional Turkish Cypriot cuisine. Once we had finished our main meals the owner gave us a complimemtary bottle of wine to enjoy before we left, as well as some Karpuz (Watermelon) it was so lovely. We were there that long that we heard the next Call to Prayer, it really was so magical, relaxing and a wonderful evening.






Eziç is a chain of restaurant that we used to always got to when we were kids. This one in particular is truly amazing because of the stunning sea view. This restuarant is located in Girne and this was my second time at this particular restuarant, the first time being 7 years ago!

We came here on everyone’s last night, the day before my birthday (Hubby, the kids and I stayed an extra couple of days after they left). We did reserve a table for this one as it gets really busy in the evenings. When we were seated we were given a bowl of complimentary peanuts to enjoy while waiting to order.

Hubby and I ordered a plate of Calamari to start with a glass of Ayran (a refreshing Turkish Yogurt drink). For our mains we ordered a Chicken Shish with all the trimmings, a Turkish Salad, Bulgur Pilav, fresh Tortillas, Turkish Yoghurt and seasoned Chips. As if I wasn’t full enough I went in and ordered a dessert (I was too eager to eat it I forgot to take a photo!) I had fried ice-cream. It was delicious and very filling. The views and service were great and it was a perfect end to a perfect holiday with family and friends.



There are so many lovely restaurants and cafes to eat in when in North Cyprus so you don’t need to go all inclusive or have any need to stay in your hotel and resort. Over the many years I have been to North Cyprus this was only the second time I had stayed in a hotel. The prices are very cheap and the quality of food is exquisite.


Love & Light

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  1. Holly R says:

    Yum, this post has made me really hungry! Looks like you guys ate out at some great places. Cheap food that is delicious is my kinda place. 🙂
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