Proto-col Green Magic Superfood Powder | Review

May 4, 2018
Proto-col Superfood Supplement Powder

Superfood Food Supplement Powder

You may have seen on my Instagram that a few weeks ago Proto-col sent me a lovely box of products to try and review. This is the first of those products that I have taken the time to try over the past couple of weeks and today I want to share how I got on with their multi-award winning Green Magic natural super food powder.

If you read my blog you may have seen that I like to take supplements for different reasons which benefit me and my health. I am very particular with what I put in my body and 99% of the time I prepare all my meals from scratch. Even though I have a balanced diet, I always like to make sure my body is getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. I take daily vitamins like calcium, evening primrose oil and omega oils; have a read of the post I wrote on My Daily Vitamin Supplements. On the days I exercise, whether it’s a pilates class or a gym workout, I always drink the MyProtein Whey Protein Powders to help increase my protien intake and it helps with muscle recovery. This all works well for me, so when I was sent a bottle of Proto-col Green Magic, I was keen to start including it in my diet and to see how I got on.

Proto-col Food Supplement


First let’s start off by talking about the packaging. When it comes to natural food supplements/powders you want to be able to read from the bottle the full ingredients list, what the product actually does and how to use it and how to include it in your daily routine. This bottle has all you need to know. I love how easy to read, clean and descriptive the packaging is which made me feel comfortable when I went to first start using it.


A ‘super food’ is given to foods that have great health benefits if consumed. The term super food is thrown around a lot these days and for someone who wants to start balancing their diet and to improve their eating habits, they may be more inclined to include these types of food in their diet. Foods like quinoa, berries, avocado, lentils, tomatoes, eggs etc are all great examples of super foods and the type of foods we should be including in our daily diet. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your body has had enough vitamins and nutrients from your meals so using a supplement can help top up what your body needs.

Green Magic includes a blend of 16 superfood nutrients like spirulina, chlorella (both plant based protein) essential fatty acids, enzymes, sea minerals, royal jelly, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. This product is suitable for vegetarians, dairy free, lactose free and gluten free, which makes it suitable for everyone.

Proto-col Superfood Supplement Powder

Using the Green Magic natural super food powder can help with many things like:

Always remember if you are on any medication or if you are pregnant see your GP before taking anything like this, even if a product is natural it’s always better to be safe.

The directions of use is 1-3 times daily all depending on what your daily diet is like and whether you need it that often. You can mix it in with water, juice or homemade smoothies.

As I eat a balanced diet and have a healthy lifestyle, I don’t need this product every day so I have only been using it as a protein boost during or after a workout and in my breakfast smoothies to invigorate me those mornings that I need a push start.

Protocol Green Magic Powder Review


In order to try and see the full potential of using this natural super food power, I tried to include it in my routine were I needed it and personalised it to benefit me and my routine.

I took it to the gym with me and added a teaspoon to my cold drinking water bottle. I am not going to lie the taste wasn’t great, to me it tasted like cold spinach, which isn’t neccessarily a bad thing if you like that taste. Luckily for me, I get so thirsty during my workouts and consume some much water that I got past the taste and drank it all up. It helped me feel energised and relaxed during and after my workout.

Alternatively, and my preferred way to consume the Proto-col Green Magic powder, is to add it to my smoothies. As I already add spinach to my smoothies, when adding a teaspoon of Green Magic powder I didn’t really notice that bitter taste because the other fruits I used masked that cold spinach taste and I was able to enjoy using this product more in that way.

I will continue to use this product in my smoothies on those days when I need a hit of super food loving in my life as I can rely on this product to give me what I need.

Have you used Proto-col’s Green Magic before? What do you like to use to keep your vitamins and nutrition topped up?

Pinar xo


*this post contains PR samples


4 responses to “Proto-col Green Magic Superfood Powder | Review”

  1. yiotav says:

    Wow, it sounds like something I need at the moment. With the stressful schedule and bad eating habits, my body needs all the super foods in the world. I try to get back to healthy eating, I sometimes manage to do it but it’s not easy to follow every day. Hope you are having a lovely day Pinar and thank you for this great post!


    • Pinar says:

      It can be very difficult to stay in a good rhythm with eating well. My tip to you is think short term, take it day by day. So if you have a bad day where you don’t eat as well, start fresh the next day don’t wait until the next week and slowly you’ll get into better habits. Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend lovely xo

  2. Katya says:

    With how our environment is doing badly these days, we need something like this. I am honestly pro food supplements and extra essential vitamins. This is certainly a great product to have.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

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