My Top 5 London Restaurants Foodie Wishlist

September 10, 2018
London Foodie Wishlist

London Foodie Wishlist

As a foodie I love home cooked food but I adore eating out. Unfortunately I don’t always have the chance to do the latter now I have children as date nights/girls nights are not as regular as they used to be. Before we had the kids we would eat out at least once a week and we would try something different or go to our favourite places to eat. I enjoy eating dishes that are made for me as it’s nice to have a night off cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking, I adore being in the kitchen cooking from scratch and creating delicious dishes for my children, but a part of me misses the eating out life!

So I’ve decided to make a wishlist of my top 5 restaurants I would love to eat at in London. I live in Kent, just on the border of London, so getting into town is no hardship for us when we do have the chance for a date night. Check out our last visit to London for our wedding anniversary last year here where we went to see Aladdin and enjoyed a late night dinner at a Turkish Restaurant called Babaji on Shaftesbury Avenue.

I usually get my inspiration for eating out from Instagram as I love looking at food photos on the explore page and when I see a restaurant that looks appetising, I always have to check out the website to find out where the place is and what the menu is like.

I am hoping to tick a few of these places off this year fingers crossed, with friends and hopefully a date night (wink wink nugde nudge to the husband!)

Here is my Top 5 London Restaurant Foodie Wishlist –


Aqua Shard has one of the best views of the London skyline, located on level 31 of The Shard,  and for that I really want to eat here. The food is apparently quite pricey but I would love to have the excuse to book to eat here on an occasion like a birthday or anniversary. This restaurant serves contemporary British cuisine, as well as being known for its long list of delicious cocktails. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect night out?!


The Gate is a restaurant chain and has three locations in London – Islington, Hammersmith and Marylebone and it is exclusivey Vegan and Vegetarian dining. I’ll be honest, I eat meat a few times a week but I love to eat vegan and vegartarin meals as I find my body thrives on plant based foods. So I have chosen The Gate restaurant so I can experience what it is like to dine out vegan to see what all the fuss is about. I am always open to trying new foods, so I can learn some new flavours and recipes, especially when it comes to vegan eating.


Bob Bob Ricard looks exquisite and the menu looks amazing. A European/Russian menu that is again quite pricey but you can choose from a range of meals to satisfy your taste buds. This place looks so glam and classy. Any excuse to get dressed up to go out for dinner and drinks.


What can I say, it must be the blogger in me but Spring at Somerset House just so aesthetically pleasing. The drawing room inspired restuarant looks so elegant and bright, the food looks so good too. I have been to Somerset House on a few occasions for London Fashion Week with my sister. I think I will have to book to eat lunch here the next time I do visit town for Fashion Week.


The Ivy in Covent Garden has been on my wishlist since my 17th birthday (12 years ago). I remember eating in a restaurant near by called the Sarastro, a mediterranean themed restuarant, where my family took me to celebrate my birthday. After our meal we waited outside for our car home and spotted a couple leaving The Ivy, all dressed up and glamorous and since then I’ve always wanted to eat there, god knows what the foods is like haha, I’m joking, everyone knows The Ivy is the place to dine. Hopefully one day I will get to splash out on a night at The Ivy.

So there it is, my top 5 London Restaurant Wishlist by the foodie in me. I hope to visit them soon and when I do I will happily share my reviews and photos of all my yummy (and probably expensive) food!

Have you eaten at any of these restaurants before? What restaurants are on your wsihlist?

Pinar xo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Pinar I’m exactly like you I love to eat out. I’ve been to The Ivy, Bob bob Ricard and the Aqua shard all 3 was amazing my favourite had to be Bob Bob Ricard the food was amazing. Thanks for the other tips I have 2 other reasturants on my list now xx

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