Healthy Dairy Free Crêpes

July 20, 2017

Crêpe Pancake

I love crêpe pancakes! They are one of my favourite treats that I can enjoy guilt-free. I love just throwing ingredients together and seeing what happens and this recipe was exactly that, throwing together these ingredients made such a lovely and healthy crêpe for the whole family to enjoy.

In the last 6 months I have stopped drinking/using milk in my diet. I had noticed that after I consumed milk, I felt sick, sluggish and my IBS would kick in. I now use a nut milk alternative, Almond milk in particular. At first I really wasn’t sure that I could keep using Almond Milk in my diet as the taste is very different from milk, but the more I consumed it the more I liked it and now I LOVE it!

If you have never tried Almond milk, here are few of the benefits:

– It provides you with Calcium, Vitamin D & Vitamin E

– High in good Fats & Omega Fatty Acids (This is great for me as I don’t eat a lot of oily fish)

– Full of Antioxidants

– It is a low Carb

– No Cholesterol

– No Saturated Fat

– Great for Weight Management

– Good for Digestion

– and is Lactose Free


These are great benefits and Almond Milk is a great product to have in your cupboard for a cooking and baking ingredient alternative.

So here is my Healthy Dairy Free Crêpe recipe..



(Makes 6-8 crêpes)

100g Self-raising Flour

300ml Almond Milk

2 Large Eggs

1tbsp Organic Coconut Sugar

Lucy Bee Organic Coconut Oil  – for cooking


2 Apricots, remove the kernel and sliced

Almond Flakes





In a large mixing bowl add all the ingredients and whisk until you have created a nice smooth batter

In a small or medium frying pan (depending on how big you want the pancakes) add a little coconut oil with a teaspoon over a medium heat

Using a piece of kitchen paper smooth the melted oil around

Using a ladle pour some of the pancake mix into the hot pan enough to cover the base (not too thick)

Cook for a couple of minutes on each side

Once cooked add a little honey on each crêpe and fold into quarters

Serve on a dinner plate with a drizzle of honey, apricots and a handful of almond flakes and granola

Enjoy for breakfast or as a post gym-snack/meal..



If you want a more traditional pancake crêpe recipe, here is my recipe.


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4 responses to “Healthy Dairy Free Crêpes”

  1. All I’ve wanted to go is dairy free to try and improve my skin because I’ve developed a horrible problem with spots under my skin and it flares up with the more dairy I eat. This is a fab alternative!! And I must admit you’ve made them look super yum! I’m just so obsessed with cheese it’s so hard haha!! X

    • Pinar says:

      My tip would be to cut dairy out slowly and not all at once, this will make it easier. Also don’t forget to increase your intake of Calcium from other foods and take supplements. I love cheese too!

      Pinar xo

  2. Julia Sammut says:

    Love that you used almond milk in this and these look SO tasty. Crepes are one of my favourite things 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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