Easy Pancake Recipe

February 27, 2017

Pancake Day


Now I will admit I have pancakes more than once a year, they are by far my favourite breakfast of all time. I usually make them on a special occasions like a family members birthday and the children love it as a treat for breakfast once in a while.

In my house we love our pancakes crêpe style because they are lighter to eat (and you end up eating more!) we love to stack them with our favourite berries or with sweet red grapes and sliced bananas.

I love to drizzle honey over my stacked pancakes and berries where as my daughter loves to fill her pancake with sliced bananas and Nutella spread and roll it up.

As it is Shrove Tuesday tomorrow I thought I would share the recipe that I use whenever we have pancakes. It isn’t a healthy pancake recipe but it tastes amazing because it is our little treat.

Sometimes on days that I am working out I make my self Protein Pancakes using my Whey Protein powder and Oats, I will do a recipe for these pancakes soon. For now here is our family favourite Crêpe Pancake Recipe that we will be indulging in on Pancake Day!


(Makes around 6 Crêpes)

100g Self Raising Flour
2 Large Eggs
300ml Semi-Skimmed Milk
2tbsp Sugar
Lucy Bee Coconut Oil


In a large bowl add all the ingredients

Using a whisk mix well making sure to get rid of any lumps of flour

In a small or medium frying pan (depending on how big you want the pancakes) add a little coconut oil with a teaspoon over a medium heat

Using a piece of kitchen paper smooth the melted oil around

Using a ladle pour some of the pancake mix into the hot pan enough to cover the base (not too thick)

Cook for a couple of minutes on each side

Serve with you favourite pancake toppings and enjoy!


Love & Light


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