My Go-To Festive Nail Varnish Colours

December 4, 2017
Barry M Glitter Nail Varnishes

Christmas Nail Colours

What better way to go into the festive season than to have the sparkliest nails? Am I right?! Every year I take the time to maintain my ‘Christmas Nails’ I just feel so glam and lady-like, especially if I am out and about a lot, socialising and enjoying all the festivities. As a busy Mum of two, I find it so hard to maintain beautiful, manicured nails all the time but when I find the time I do love to give myself a little pampering manicure (even if it will only last a day!) I am always washing my hands, whether it is because I clean my house too often or because I am in the kitchen cooking and baking all the time (yes, I like to wash my hands a 100 times a day!) 

In this post I am sharing my six favourite go- to nail varnishes that I fluctuate between depending on my mood and what outfit I am going to wear. I like to keep my festive nails quite traditional with the colour red and then just add some glitter (obvs!)

Essie Nail Colours


Let’s start off with my two favourite nail colours or nail lacquer as it is formally known. The Essie nail lacquer range is brilliant. As nail varnishes go this brand is great to use for long lasting colour and doesn’t instantly chip like some of the other brands I have tried. I must admit I do have a not so little Essie nail varnish collection (I’m obsessed with this brand!)  If you want to see my collection let me know and I will write a blogpost sharing my favourite Essie colours.

On the left, the gorgeous poppy red nail colour which is actually called RUSSIAN ROULETTE.  The perfect shade of red for all skin tones, there is no orange or pink undertones, it is literally the perfect red. With all my nail colours I always apply two coats, I apply the first coat and leave to dry for around 10 minutes and then apply the second coat and leave for around 20 minutes. This nail varnish is quick drying but because I like to apply the two coats I do like to have a long drying time to prevent any early chips or those awful dents and marks you get when you have been really impatient letting the nails dry (ladies, we have all been there and done that haven’t we?!)

On the right, the darkest of the dark nail varnish colours is the LICORICE black nail colour. When I say dark, I mean dark! This colour comes out just as you see it. I love black nails during the winter time as I think they look fabulous with any outfit! Again, I always apply two coats which just adds more depth to the coverage and colour. The only thing I would say with the black nail varnish is that sometimes it is hard to maintain the perfect manicure because it is such a dark colour, any chips or marks are really visible. So be sure to keep your bottle close so you can do a quick repair or take the time for a regular mini manicure to keep them looking black and sharp!

I purchase my Essie Nail Lacquer from Boots

Russian Roulette, £7.99

Licorice, £7.99

Barry M Glitter Nail Varnishes


I know it is very stereotypical of me to say, but what girl doesn’t love a bit of glitter?! I personally am not crazy about it but at Christmas time I do love sparkly glitter nails. It is just something about it that makes me think of Christmas and all the warm joys of the festive season! I love the brand Barry M, I have used their products since I was a 15 year old girl that worked in Boots, I was the part time girl who was in charge of the self select make up in my store and I owned it! Everything was always left for me to tidy and organise and if anyone ever touched my stock, they would know about it! Anyways, back to the nails. Barry M is a great brand for girls, full of vibrant colour at an affordable price, their nail varnishes are great for all occasions. These nail colours I have are actually a good few years old (I look after my nail varnishes by storing them out of sunlight and in a cool place and they tend to last a long time!) 

On the left, the Barry M Nail Paint in Red Glitter (so original, but so perfect!) is my go to red glitter nail varnish. I love the amount of coverage of glitter you can get on your nail without having to layer to the heavens with it! It is quick drying and long lasting! I love to use a coat of this varnish on top of my Essie Russian Roulette for a full hit of red glam! For a less aggressive looking red nails, I like to wear this nail varnish on it’s own for a party-like glittery look.

In the middle, Barry M Nail Paint, which unfortunately doesn’t have a name as it was a limited edition product at the time I purchased it a million years ago! This glitter nail varnish has the same consistency and texture as the Red Glitter, silver glitter with speckles of colour that you can see in the light. This is so lovely to wear on its own or on top of a full coverage colour like black or red or even with a blue nail varnish which I tried and loved! Its such a versatile nail varnish colour, it would suit everyone!

On the right, the gold glitter nail varnish is probably my favourite as it is so Christmasy and sparkles so elegantly, it is a perfect choice with your LBD or a date night go-to! This colour is called MAJESTY and unfortunately all three of the Barry M colours are discontinued (of course they are!) Why do brands do this to us?! I am dreading the day when these colours run our or dry out in case I don’t find the same or at least a similar replacement!


NO7 Gold Top Coat Nail Varnish

Ok, I’m sorry, but this is another limited edition product that I bought a million years ago! I know, right, why am I even bothering to share these colours with you all?! Well that’s because they are beautiful and I don’t want to believe that I can’t go back to Boots and repurchase this nail varnish! The NO7 GOLD Glitter Top Coat is very different to the Barry M Majesty because it has larger sequin like speckles that are great onto of another nail varnish colour or glamorous just on it’s own!

Best Christmas Nails

What are your favourite go to nails colours and varnishes during the Christmas season?

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  1. Yiota says:

    My choice for festive season is red and glitter!!! I love red nails, they are so classy!!! Great picks Pinar xx


  2. Pinar says:

    Thank you! xo

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