Paula’s Choice Skincare For Congested/Oily Skin

September 24, 2020
Skincare for congested skin

My teenage years consisted of bad skin with spots, clogged pores and a bad diet. Looking back, I wish I had a better understanding of how to treat my skin from the inside out. I knew about a basic routine that I learnt from watching my mum when she sat at her vanity every morning and evening, so I feel like I had the basic understanding of what I thought was enough for my skin. I would use a facial wash daily, a toner and a moisturiser; occasionally use a facial scrub too. I will admit back then it was a Tea Tree and Witch-Hazel face wash with an apricot scrub. With a diet of coke, Doritos and anti-depressants my skin was definitely crying out for help.

Fast forward to my 30’s, my diet and lifestyle is so much better. I’m a vegetarian and eat a great diet, I drink lots of water and herbal teas and exercise regularly. My skin is still not perfect but whose skin is?! With my 10+ years of skincare knowledge from working within the skincare industry, I am able to have more control over my skin. I’m always testing and trying out new skincare products that are targeting my skincare concerns. I’m still prone to congested skin, dehydration and now that I am in my 30’s I want to keep my skin feeling good and looking radiant and smooth.


At the beginning of the year, Paula’s Choice came into my life. I read some great reviews on their cleansers and after falling in love with the Pore Normalising Cleanser, they kindly sent me a range of products that I have been putting to the test to help with my congested and  blemish prone skin with gentle cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and protecting the skin on a daily basis.

The products I want to share with include:

Skincare Routine for oily skin


This light cream cleansing facial wash is so gentle on the skin. With one pump in damp hands, applied in circular motions massaged onto the face and neck. This cleanser lightly lathers to remove excess oils, makeup and SPF while protecting the skin’s barrier. This action can be repeated again for a double cleanse which leaves the skin feeling so soft and clean. This fragrance -free foaming cleanser is perfect for a Normal/Oily/Combination skin and can be used morning and evening. I have been enjoying this cleanser and always reach for it when I feel my skin needs a deep cleanse and use it most days, twice a day. It doesn’t dry out my skin or make it feel tight and is the perfect way to start my routine.


This BHA liquid was on my skincare wish list for the longest time. I have always loved using Salicylic Acid because of my oilier skin and congested pores and it’s an ingredient I know I can always count on. This liquid chemical exfoliant has helped reduce my clogged pores, especially around my nose and chin. My skin feels smooth and looks healthy and radiant. This liquid is so light and absorbs so quickly that you can include this exfoliator in your morning or evening routine. I have been using it 3 times a week and I now can’t live without it. I always wear an SPF in the day but if you are using a chemical exfoliant it’s important to make sure that an SPF is applied after in your morning routine to ensure your skin is protected or the following morning if used in the evening.


This silky gel-lotion is gorgeous in my evening routine. This moisturiser includes two of my favourite ingredient Niacinamide and Vitamin C. I noticed from my first use that my skin looked and felt so soft and hydrated. Niacinamide is another key ingredient for me to keep my pores clear and spots away. This night cream is my favourite night cream at the moment because it’s so light-weight and easy to apply. I don’t like to over layer my skin at bedtime even though I’m going to bed. Some evenings I just want to get in my pyjamas and do a quick yet effective skincare routine to then get into bed. This moisturiser is perfect for a simple skincare routine. I apply it to my face and neck and always wear an SPF the next day. This brings me to the last product.


Finding the right day moisturiser with a broad-spectrum SPF is one of the key skincare attributes I take very seriously. I have olive coloured skin but I also have freckles so I always make sure to wear an SPF every day and reapply throughout the day. This Paula’s Choice Essential Glow Moisturizer has a broad-spectrum SPF 30 and has a light-weight lotion texture which is perfect for all skin types, including combination/oily as well as normal/dry skin. This moisturiser instantly brightens the skin through hydrating and replenishing the skin as well as protecting the skin throughout the day. This formula doesn’t clog my skin, irritate or cause any spots which I LOVE! I always have issues with an SPF causing my skin to breakout but I’ve never had any problems with this moisturiser and is now my go-to in my morning routine.


No matter what age you are, whether you are a teenager or in your 30s or 50s, these products are perfect for congested combination/oily skin. This routine helps keep my skin blemish free, hydrated, radiant and protected. With minimal products in this AM and PM routine I can complete my skincare routine confident that my skin feels clean and healthy. I’m so happy with how these products have become staples in my skincare collection and I can’t recommend them enough. Paula’s Choice is a skincare brand I trust whole-heartedly and always recommend to friends and family. Non complicated and straight to the point skincare is what I am here for.


Have you tried Paula’s Choice skincare before? What product would you include in your skincare routine?


Pinar xo


*this post contains an affiliate link & PR sample

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