A Popcorn Lovers Popcorn Shed Review

December 13, 2018
Popcorn Shed Review

Popcorn Shed Review

Hi my name is Pinar and I am obsessed with popcorn!! When I was asked to try and review Popcorn Shed I was so excited, my inner child was screaming yes yes yes! Popcorn is one of my go-to snacks especially in front of the TV in the evenings for movie nights, family time or when I’m binge watching Netflix shows when the kids are in bed. So while plodding along enjoying my usual go-to of sweet popcorn snacks, Popcorn Shed have been changing the world one new Popcorn kernel and flavour at a time. 

Popcorn Shed Review

Let me start from the beginning! Popcorn Shed is an award winning gourmet popcorn brand and the first to introduce us to textured popcorn, adding in nuts, chocolate chunks and dried fruit to the mix. This is perfect for me because when I’m snacking I always mix a bowl of popcorn with mixed nuts and dried fruits and even sometimes crisp because if I’m going to snack I do it right! This is a trait I’ve picked up from my mum and something we’ve always done at Christmas time. Having all the sweet and savoury snacks out at Christmas has always been my mums thing, she feeds us throughout the whole day and this is a traditon I have adopted with my kids at home, especially at Christmas.

Popcorn Shed popcorn are all created with natural ingredients and packaged in these cute handy pocket sized packets. Naturally Gluten Free and averaging at 120 calories a pack, it is a great little treat to enjoy whenever you fancy some popcorn loving.

Popcorn Shed Box Review

There is a variety of popcorn flavours to enjoy and as an avid sweet popcorn girl I was very interested in trying out some new flavours. The textures and flavours were so delicious and honestly I really enjoyed trying out these varieties.

The flavours I receive included 7x 24g packets of:

I also received 2x90g boxes of:

The Popcorn Shed boxes would make a great gift for any popcorn lover and I’m saving mine to take to my mum’s on Christmas day so she can put them out with her other snacks throughout the day.

The boxes retail at £3.50 each and the packets can be purchased as a bundle which includes x2 of every flavour for £18.

Popcorn Shed is available at limited stockists which you can check here for your local/easiest shop.

Popcorn Shed Review

I’ve kept a few packets unopened to use in some Christmas baking I have planned so keep an eye out over on my new Food Instagram Page to see what I make.

If you are a popcorn lover like me then I highly recommend you treat yourself or pop this on you Christmas list as they make great stocking fillers!

Have you tried Popcorn Shed before?

Pinar xo


*this post contains Gifted Products 

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