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July 17, 2020
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I love to self tan! A fresh new coat of tan is an instant confidence booster and makes me feel so happy with my skin. I’ve been self tanning for years and have learnt and use many tips and tricks to ensure an even and natural looking tan. I wrote a blog post sharing my go-to tips How to achieve the perfect sunless tan if you are a novice wanting to try self tanning. However, even someone as experienced as me in self-tanning I still find I get the odd line on my arm or my hands are not as natural looking as I would like. This is where the wonderful guys at Bali Body come in! They have created and formulated a self tan remover in a bottle. Does it actually work you ask? I put it to the test, so read on to see my thoughts on the Bali Body Self Tan Remover and the Bali Body Exfoliating Mitt.

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In the past if I’ve needed to remove some uneven tan or even remove an old tan that is a week old or before applying a new tan, I would get in the shower and exfoliate my body. Most of the time this would take me a few goes to get the tan off. The Bali Body Self Tan remover is an innovative mousse formula which gently but effectively removes an old tan in minutes. The light texture is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin with soothing Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Rose extract leaves the skin feeling hydrated, soft and radiant.

Bali Body Review
Bali Body Self Tan Remover and Exfoliating Mitt

The bottle comes in the same pump form as the tanning mousses, so it is really easy to get the product out and apply on to the skin. About 5-10 minutes before having a shower I apply a thin layer over my body and while I wait for the self tan remover to get to work, I’ll do my usual facial skincare routine and by the time I’ve applied my evening mask I’m good to go. I used the Bali Body Exfoliating Mitt in a warm shower, starting from my feet and making my way up to my neck, in circular motions. The Bali Body Exfoliating Mitt is a great size, with an elasticated end to stop the mitt from slipping from your hand when in use. It is a gentle material but gives you a satisfying and gentle exfoliation, as you watch the water run your old tan off and away. The reusable Tanning Mitt can be rinsed with water and left to hang dry ready for the next use. I give my body sponges a proper wash weekly and recommend that even tanning and exfoliating mitts get a good wash regularly too to stop any build up of dirt.

Bali Body Tan Remover Review
Before + After Using Bali Body Tan Remover To Remove Uneven Tan


Yes, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. Whether you are new to self-tanning and want something to help clean up uneven patches or are an expert tanner who wants a good remover and exfoliation before reapplying a fresh new tan. This product is worth having in the bathroom cupboard to always ensure your self-tan is on point. I would definitely invest in the reusable exfoliating mitt too as it would be perfect even if you are not tanning and need a good exfoliation.

Bali Body Self Tan Remover retails at £18.95

Bali Body Exfoliating Mitt retails at £12.95

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