Products I Use to Help Repair My Skins Barrier

December 5, 2022
Skincare products recommended for skin barrier repair

Keeping up with our skin cycle

We all have a skin cycle, some days our skin is glowing, it’s healthy, radiant, clear and smooth and then the next, it’s red, irritated, bumpy and dull! It’s called normal skin and it happens to us all. Our skin is our largest organ, but it is easily affected by external factors as well as internal stresses. From diet to exercise, the weather and lifestyle, hormones and skincare products; our skin is a delicate balance. There is no such thing as perfect skin, just healthy skin and that’s a fact.

Taking the time to accept your skin and look after it

Everybody is different and our skin will always be changing and be affected by various factors, some being out of our control. If you aim to have a few practices and products in place for such times the skin needs a little extra TLC then the stress of a bad skin day can just be that a bad skin day.

I want to share what practices I have in place and that I incorporate into my daily routine when I feel my skin is in need and also the small collection of skincare products, I have to help calm my skin, decongest it and help boost the repair of my skin barrier to promote healthier skin.

Skincare products for skin barrier repair

Self-care practices I follow to ensure my skin is the healthiest it can be

Keeping up my water intake is probably the most common advice anyone gives to anyone. But it’s so vital for us to keep hydrated. Two litres of water are essential every day, I start my day with a glass of water before I drink or eat anything else.

Keeping my skin clean by ensuring I double cleanse and cleanse every evening to remove makeup, sunscreen, dirt, oil, pollution and anything else the skin has been in contact with during the day.

Getting some fresh air and exercise. Get out of the house. Get your body moving, whether it’s a gym workout, a run or even walking the dogs. Exercise helps the body circulate the oxygen in the blood, have you always wondered why your skin looks all red and flustered when you work out. Just be sure to have a nice shower/bath and cleanse the skin to get rid of the sweat and oil you excrete during your exercise routine. This will stop blemishes and spots from making an unwanted appearance.

Eating well is always a good idea not just for the skin but for our overall health. I have dramatically decreased my dairy intake by switching to dairy alternatives. I avoid processed meats and refined sugars. I eat more vegetables and probiotics to help with my gut health. All these things really triggered unhealthy skin and acne blemishes.

Skincare barrier repair products

Skincare products I have in my collection to repair my skin barrier anytime

Here are the skincare products I include in my daily skincare routine to help repair the skin barrier reducing irritation, redness and blemishes:

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As a 30+ woman with oily skin I’m always prone to my skin barrier being hit with bad skin days but having all the above practices and products in place allows me to have more control with what I put on my skin and how I look after myself. I like to share my favourite and go-to products a routine over on my Instagram page @glowwithpia_ regularly so make sure to give me a follow to see more of my skincare recommendations.

What skincare products do you like to include in your skincare routine when your skin barrier needs a little TLC?

Love & Light,

Pinar xo


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